Thursday, December 08, 2005

NorCalMBR Calendar

I've made the NorCal Mountain Bike Racing calendar available for subscription via ICS format for those of you using Apple's iCal, Linux's Evolution and Mozilla's Sunbird.

You can subscribe to the calendar over at

The calendar will be updated throughout the season as new events are added.

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Mike O. said...

Hey All
My name is Mike Oceguera I am the MTB capt. of SC Velo based out of San Dimas, CA. I direct the SC Velo cross country challenge at Bonelli park in October, this will be our second year. I have been racing for about 6 years off and on and of the racers Ive talked to we feel its not fair to the Northern and Southern racers for team big bear(TBB) to host a series and call it the California State Series because the state is so big.
Its not fair to the people in San Diego and to the People in as far as Acata. Its too spread out and the season is too long. Some of the guys on the team have told me to suggest a different set up. They suggest that we have a Northern state series and a Southern series at the beginning of the year and then after a series of races we all meet like in Mammoth for the State finals.
What do you guys think???
We would probably have to talk to Norba and stuff like that but Im just throwing it out there. I mean we havent had a State race in about 2 months cause TBB is promoting races out of state as well and now in Sept. and Oct. we are looking at 3 races one a point and a halfer and one the final and many of the guys are already burned out. You guys can go to WWW.SCVELO.COM
for info on my team and race.
Hope this generates some response!!

Mike Oceguera

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have one race prior to Nationals preferrably in the middle of the state. Wearing the "Bear" jersey would mean so much more.