Friday, July 23, 2010

NorCal MTB Racing This Weekend: July 23rd-25th, 2010

For those of you making your weekend plans, here is quick rundown of this weekend's MTB racing schedule for NorCal:

  1. TBF Friday Night MTB Series (07/23/10)
  2. Northstar Super D Series (07/23/10)
  3. Lake Sonoma Series (07/24/10)
  4. Northstar DH Series (07/25/10)

Also don't forget the North Bay for the Marin County Fun Ride this weekend.

Gestalt Haus


If you are heading into the North Bay for the Marin County Fun Ride this weekend, you might want to check this out:

Gestalt Haus of Fairfax is a cafe/bar longtime overdue in Fairfax (28 Bolinas, Fairfax CA); a town at the heart of some amazing mountain biking and road cycling.  Gestalt is themed to celebrate the cycling community, serving a great post-ride meal of hot German Sausages, and quality Californian and European brews.  Dirty or sweaty, it doesn't matter, all are welcome.  There are hooks on the wall for hanging your bikes, old bike memorabilia (e.g. Gorgeous SyCip with bar levels as break shifters), and picnic benches for seating that resemble an indoor beer garden.  All ages are welcome, so whether it's a family ride or a night ride with the bro's, check them out at their website or on Facebook.

Gestalt Haus is open Monday 530pm-Midnight, Tuesday-Friday: 530pm- 2am, Saturday: 11am-2am, Sunday: 11am-Midnight.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

NorCal Riders Represent at MTB Nationals

Keith DeFiebre scanned through all results posted and came up with a list of NorCal riders who made the "Podium" at the USA MTB National Championships this past weekend in Colorado, held at the SolVista Bike Park on Granby Ranch.  Looks like 46 times a Northern California MTB racer was called up to the podium at the high altitude USA National Championships.  Colorado might have dominated the results pages, but NorCal made a giant impression on the racing and the riders listed below all deserve a huge round of applause!  Congratulations!

1 a compton.jpg

1st- Dario Fredrick            San Anselmo Men - CAT 1 - 40-44- XC
1st- Helene Drumm           San Anselmo Women - Open - 40-99- Super D
1st- Chris Thibodeau         Grass Valley Men - Open - 19-29- Super D
1st- Kate Courtney            Kentfield Women - CAT 1 - 15-16- XC
1st- Abbie Durkee             Inverness Women - CAT 1 - 35-39- XC
1st- Sven BeerFairfax Men - CAT 2 - 15-18- XC
1st- Ryan Stevens             Novato Men - CAT 2 - 15-18- DH
1st- Mark Ferry                 El Dorado Hills Men- CAT 2 - 40-44- XC
1st- Josie Nordrum           Corte madera Women CAT 3- 15-18- XC
5th- Bradley Benedict       Auburn Men - Pro DH
3rd- Christopher Ravina    Novato Men - Open - 1-18- Super D
4th- Mason Bond               Cedar Ridge Men - Open - 1-18- Super D
5th- Max Houtzager           Ross Men - Open - 1-18- Super D
3rd- Evan Ames                 Sutter Men - Open - 19-29- Super D
2nd- Chuck Ross               Grass Valley Men - Open - 40-49- Super D
4th- Victoria Yoham          San Raphael Women - Open - 15-18- Super D
5th- Kelsey Anderson        Novato Women - Open - 15-18- Super D
2nd- Michelle Monroe        Salinas Women - Open - 30-39- Super D
4th- Donald Myrah            San Jose Men - CAT 1 - 30-99- Short Track
2nd- Helene Drumm          San Anselmo Women - CAT 1- Short Track
4th- Donald Myrah            San Jose Men - CAT 1 - 30-99- XC
2nd- Helene Drumm          San Anselmo Women - CAT 1- XC
3rd- Christopher Ravina    Novato Men - CAT 1 - 15-16- DH
5th- Austin Benge             Angwin Men - CAT 1 - 15-16- DH
4th- Evan Geankoplis        Goldriver Men - CAT 1 - 19-24- DH
5th- Josh Brown                Kings Beach Men - CAT 1 - 19-24- DH
4th- Jeff Bowers                San Jose Men - CAT 1 - 25-29- DH
5th- Craig Anderson          Novato Men - CAT 1 - 45-49- DH
2nd- Kelsey Anderson       Novato Women - CAT 1 - 15-18- DH
3rd- Annemarie Hennes    Santa Cruz Women - CAT 1 - 30-39- DH
3rd- Thomas Ravina          Novato Men - CAT 1 - 15-18- MX
5th- Menso de Jong           Cupertino Men - Singlespeed- XC
5th- Patrick Charlton         Mill Valley Men - CAT 1 - 19-24- XC
3rd- Chuck Ross                Grass Valley Men - CAT 1 - 40-44- XC
5th- Dee Larsen                 Sacramento Women - Masters - 50-54- XC
2nd- Gary Bridges             San Carlos Men - Masters - 65-69- XC
2nd- Ronald Riley              Aptos Men - Masters - 70-99- XC
4th- Annemarie Hennes     Santa Cruz Women - CAT 1- MX
3rd- Tony Smith                San Rafael Men - CAT 1 - 17-18- XC
4th- William Curtis            San Rafael Men - CAT 1 - 17-18- XC
5th- Christopher Bennett  El Cerrito Men - CAT 1 - 17-18- XC
5th- Bryan Duke                Salinas Men - CAT 1 - 15-16- XC
2nd- Sofia Hamilton          San Anselmo Women - CAT 1 - 17-18- XC
2nd- Eliel Anttila               Mill Valley Men - CAT 2 - 15-18- XC
5th- Jacob Albrecht           Soquel Men - CAT 2 - 15-18- XC
2nd- Justin Abbott            Pleasant Hill Men - CAT 2 - 19-29- XC
3rd- Talbott Houk             Monte Sereno Men- CAT 2 - 50-45- XC
3rd- Richard Kirby            Santa Rosa Men CAT 3 - 30-39 - XC


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Marin County Fun Ride This Sunday

According to this email from Murphy, there is another Two Wheel Locust / MCBC Fun Ride this weekend:

THIS course is RE-DONKLOUSLY FUN!!! More shade, less grind! See you there? 1/3 road, 1/3 rocks & 1/3 dirt.

Ride starts at 9:30 AM on Sunday (7/25/2010) at the Java Hut in Marin FAIRFAX and again benefits the Marin County Bike Coalition. Bring $15 to support the MCBC.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

INTERVIEW: Mark Weir on 2010 Downieville DH Win

Race Special Interview: Keith DeFiebre goes behind the scenes with Mark Weir regarding his 8th victory in the 2010 Downieville DH race.

weir downieville.jpg
DeFiebre: Congratulations Mark on victory #8 at the Downieville DH race.  This victory must have been very special?

Weir: Thanks Keith. Each year the competition seems to get better and the race itself is more prestigious then ever before.  After two years of watching other riders claim high honors it is now great to be back on top.  The best riders in the USA come to Downieville each year, like my team mate Jason Moeschler(WTB), Nathan Riddle(SRAM), Adam Craig(Giant-Rabobank), and Ross Schnell(Trek).  It is survival of the fastest and most fit out there and I was determined to prove I am the champ!

DeFiebre: Tell me about your winning set up, what did you run on race day?

Weir: First I want to thank all my key sponsors- WTBShimanoSanta Cruz Bicycles, & Fox Racing Shox.  For race day I went with my Santa Cruz Nomad- equiped with a Coil Shock, and on the front I ran Fox Racing's awesome 36 Float front fork.  I had Shimano XTR for my controls, a 10 speed rear cog 11-36 and a 40 tooth chain ring on the front.  The 40 tooth chain ring was a little stiff on the uphill sections, but I knew it was key to fight through the pain and push a big gear on the climb.  I ran the WTB Stryker XC Wheels mounted with the heavy version of the Wolverine 2.2 All Mountain TCS tires and a WTB Valcon Carbon saddle.  I wanted to run the 900 gram dual compound tires that were more heavy, but also more resistant to flats.  I am super lucky that all of my sponsors make the best stuff on the market, and I get to race the very best equipment available.

DeFiebre: You started off 2010 with a few victories at the CCCX DH races in Monterey, then you ripped off wins at the Spring Thaw event and Ashland's 12 Mile Super D race.  You were on a winning streak heading into Downieville, did this give you a touch more confidence before the main event?

Weir:  In the past, when I am going good, I have posted some serious win streaks from event to event.  Of course this gives me confidence and shows me my training is right, my diet is right, and my power is in order.  I never get caught out thinking I can just show up and win.  You know better then anyone Keith, to win races there is no secret formula.  You have to work dam hard to succeed, train incredibly hard to be your best, then still come up with more desire and more focus to go fast when your on course.  At the top level we all have talent. It is things like family support, mental strength, and inner peace that can make the difference between being first place or being bitter your not first place at the end of the day.

DeFiebre: After 8 victories in the Downieville DH race, you will forever be linked to this event.  You must have mad respect for the trail systems there and how far MTB racing and riding has progressed over the years in Downieville.

Weir: Trail stewardship is the key to Downieville's successful future.  I respect those trails more then I can say.  Yuba Expeditions and the people of Downieville have a great thing going and I will always be a advocate of the trail systems and the super riding Downieville offers.  The Downieville Classic is now a huge event.  It is key for everyone to enjoy the trials properly and to show that MTB riding is positive for the community.  When I race there, I am having fun on every single switchback, not looking to cut corners or make some new race day portion of trail for a faster line.  If everyone respects the trails then the future of MTB riding in Downieville will be strong, and the racing will be fare.

DeFiebre: It must have been great to have your son Gus up on the podium with you!  You really looked like a proud dad?

Weir: Gus will be faster then me on a bike!  All he thinks about is riding, he really is amazing.  I can not do what I do without the support of my wife, my family, and my friends.  Being able to bring Gus up on the top step of the podium with me brings joy to my heart!

Thanks to Keith DeFiebre for this interview. Official results from the this year's race are available at Cross Country, Downhill and All-Mountain.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Night Second Round Starts Tonight

In case you forgot, TBF's July Friday Night Races start tonight:

Thanks for your support of our races. The TBF Friday Night MTB Series is back in July with three Friday Nights in a row on July 16th, 23rd, and 30th at Granite Bay, Folsom Lake. The roughly 7 mile loop course will travel the favorite trails around Folsom Lake, along with some high water adjustment trails and a road-start to accommodate all of the water still in Folsom Lake. The three-race Series awards Custom Apparel for the Champion of each age group/division, and the July Series will have a three-lap course of 21 miles for all Single Speed riders as well as Expert division riders. Pre-race cost is $20 with the race-day price being $5 more at the event. Included is a fun cross country mountain bike course with extremely well-marked courses, posted times on the TBF Racing website after the event, and post-race refreshments and recovery drinks to finish the fun. More information is available at

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bend To Host 2011-2012 Marathon MTB Nationals


Bend is not such a long roadtrip ...

USA Cycling is pleased to announce that Bend, Ore. will host the 2011 and 2012 Marathon Mountain Bike National Championships.

The annual event, which crowns 24 national champions in marathon mountain biking, has been held in conjunction with the Firecracker 50 in Breckenridge, Colo. for the past four years. Its move to Bend for 2011 and 2012 will mark the seventh and eighth USA Cycling National Championship events held in the cycling-friendly city in a four-year period.

With breathtaking beauty and a festival-like atmosphere as the backdrop, the 2011 and 2012 USA Cycling Marathon Mountain Bike National Championships will start and end in Bend’s historic Old Mill District.  The race course will provide a combination of technical sections and miles of highly acclaimed single track. Competitors will gradually climb for 25+ miles toward Mt. Bachelor before looping around and returning to town on a fast and fun descent.

Via USA Cycling.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Weir, Nash Take Downieville DH but Not All-Mountain Titles

Past Downieville Downhill winners Mark Weir (WTB) and Katerine Nash (Luna) win big in the DH, but can't secure the All-Mountain wins from Carl Decker (Giant Factory Racing) and Kelli Emmett (Giant Factory Racing).

The Pro Men’s (XC) race was a runaway victory for Decker (Giant Factory Racing) who led the field by a whopping five minutes at the top of the first race-separating climb. Decker held on to the margin and finished in a new course record of 1:50:50.

The story was similar in the Pro Women All-Mountain (XC) action as Kelli Emmett (Giant Factory Racing) got off to a fast start on the grueling climb and topped out several minutes ahead of last year’s champ, Katerina Nash (Luna Pro Team). Emmett held on to the lead and finished in 2:08:56. Nash rolled in second at 2:11:42 while Lizzy English (Giant) rounded out the podium with a time of 2:31:46.

The 15th annual Downieville Classic All-Mountain World Championships wrapped up the weekend of racing with the downhill stage two on Sunday. Eight-time Downieville Downhill King Mark Weir (WTB) and Two-time Downhill Queen Katerine Nash (Luna) both added a jewel to their crowns taking the stage wins.

Via coverage.

Pro Men All-Mountain

  1. Carl Decker (Giant Factory racing)
  2. Adam Craig (Giant-Rabobank)
  3. Jason Moeschler (WTB)
  4. Tim Olson (Trek)
  5. Mark Weir (WTB)

Pro Women All-Mountain Overall

  1. Kelli Emmett (Giant Factory Racing)
  2. Katerina Nash (Luna Pro Team)
  3. Lizzy English (Giant)
  4. Sarah Maile (Ventana)
  5. Karla Kingsley (Third Pillar)

Pictures are available here, here and here.

    Wednesday, July 07, 2010

    Squaw Valley MTB Park Opens July 16th

    As reported earlier this summer, Squaw Valley is re-opening their MTB park this summer:

    Squaw Valley’s renowned mountain bike park will reopen on July 16, 2010 for the first time in almost a decade. Lake Tahoe’s legendary mountain bike park is back in action, with over fifteen miles of dedicated downhill single track and mountaintop cross-country trails.

    Formerly the site of the Mountain Bike World Cup, Fat Tire Festivals and Downhill Mania events, Squaw Valley’s bike park has been completely rebuilt to increase the flow of the trails and incorporate more freeride elements using the mountain’s natural terrain.

    Squaw Valley is also opening three intermediate cross-country trails on top of the mountain. Bikers can enjoy scenic loops through fields of wildflowers with views overlooking Lake Tahoe and the Sierra peaks.

    Click here for a map of the bike park

    Click here for photos of Squaw Valley's bike park

    Bike Park Ticket Pricing: Adults: $39 per day Kids (12 and under): $22 per day

    Bike Park Hours: 10:40am - 7pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday (July 16 - Aug. 21) 10:40am - 5pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday (Aug. 22 - Sept.6) 10:40am - 5pm Weekends Only (Sept. 7 - Sept. 19)

    Via Mountain & Trail Biking | Squaw Valley

    Tuesday, July 06, 2010

    2010 Prairie City Fall Flash Announced


    Following on the popular Spring/Summer race series, Bicycling Events / Prairie City Race Series has announced their Fall Flash series:

    This Series came into being in 2003 because YOU all asked for it!  This Series is un-sponsored and supported entirely by your participation!  It is a "compact" version of our regular season...the "FLASH" courses are a little shorter, flatter and faster than our Spring season courses because of the limited sunlight hours... other than that, same great fun! These races are great for the first time racer or the Expert looking more training.

    Online registration will be open Thursday through Monday during the Series. Registering online instead of waiting to register on race day will save you $10.

    Dates:  August 25 and September 1,8,15

    Full details at Prairie City Race Series Fall FLASH.

    Monday, July 05, 2010

    2010 CCCX Cross Country Series Champions Crowned In Monterey

    After seven races, starting in February and finishing at the end of June, the 2010 CCCX XC Series Champions were awarded last weekend in Monterey.  Over 525 different riders participated in the 2010 version of CCCX XC, demonstrating a healthy race scene in and around the Central Coast of NorCal. Twenty-seven division champions were crowned in Monterey and here is a list of the best & most consistent CCCX XC racers for 2010 - Congratulations all CCCX XC Division Champions!

    • PRO/SEMI-PRO- Alex Work- HRS Rock Lobster
    • PRO/EXPERT WOMEN- Jamie Stamps- Another Bike Shop
    • EXPERT MEN under 18- Jacob Albrecht- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
    • PRO/EXPERT SINGLE SPEED- Steve Kelley- SB Racing
    • EXPERT MEN 19-34- Brian Butler- SBC Racing
    • EXPERT MEN 35-44- Alex Rouch- Joselyns/Palantir
    • EXPERT MEN 45-54- Courtney Grossman- VOS Racing
    • EXPERT 55+- Richard Latorraca- Santa Cruz Bicycles
    • SPORT/JR MEN UNDER 18- Josh Krisman- Summit Bicycles
    • SPORT MEN 19-34- Alex Kramer- South Bay Tools
    • SPORT MEN 35-44- Stu Maclennan- San Jose
    • SPORT MEN 45-54- Michael Urbina- TeamWrongWay
    • SPORT MEN 55+- William Clevenger- Cupertino Bike Shop
    • CLYDESDALE- Wade Hall- Los Gatos Bike Racing Club
    • SPORT SINGLE SPEED- Vincent Brown- Bike Station Aptos
    • SPORT WOMEN under 18- Rainee Chandler- DC 10
    • SPORT WOMEN19-34- Brianne Spiersch- SB Racing
    • SPORT WOMEN 35-44- Shiloh Ballard- San Jose
    • SPORT WOMEN 45+- Becky Brain- Pleasant Hill Cyclery
    • BEGINNING MEN 19-34- Ben Blakley- Pacific Grove
    • BEGINNER MEN 35-44- Kris Cowdrey- Joselyns
    • BEGINNER MEN 45-54- Daniel Russ- Aptos
    • BEGINNG MEN 55+- Jim Claflin- Chico
    • JR MEN under 13- Jacob Labosky- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
    • JR MEN 14-18- Chance Tiner- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
    • JR WOMEN- 18- Maddie Ortenblad- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
    • BEGINNG WOMEN 19+- Michele Wilcox- SB Racing

    Full List Of 2010 CCCX XC Series Points Here

    Thursday, July 01, 2010

    2010 CCCX XC Finals Results

    Aaron Bradford (Specialized/OnsiteUltraSound) and Michelle Monroe (SB Racing/ were the top male and female finishers at the always competitive CCCX XC Series final event this past Sunday in Monterey.  The National Super D Champion Bradford shared the podium with Junior sensation Bryan Duke(VOS Racing), who is just a sophomore in High School, and past USA National Cross Country Champion Don Myrah (Buy-Cell/Ibis).  The CCCX Series has always been a developmental race program which provides NorCal racers a chance to practice their craft.  The competition is always at an extremely high level and many NorCal riders have had their start at CCCX races.  Monterey County resident Bryan Duke is a rider who started out racing CCCX events, then the Nor-Cal High School league, and now has developed into quite the Junior sensation who can challenge some of the best riders in all of America.  Michelle Monroe was joined on the podium of the Pro/Expert Women's division by Beverly Chaney (Roaring Mouse) & Jamie Stamps (Another Bike Shop).


    Here is a list of all the race day winners at CCCX XC #7- The Series Final:

    • PRO/SEMI-PROAaron Bradford- Specialized/OnsiteUltraSound
    • PRO/EXPERT WOMEN-Michelle Monroe-SB Racing/
    • EXPERT MEN 18 & under-Tobin Ortenblad- S.C. Chain Gang
    • EXPERT MEN 19-34- William Kemper- Tear'n It Up
    • EXPERT MEN 35-44Cesar
    • EXPERT MEN 45-54- Courtney Grossman- VOS Racing
    • EXPERT 55+Richard Latorraca- Santa Cruz Bicycles
    • EXPERT 60+Ron Riley- Team Sauba
    • SPORT/JR MEN 18 & UNDERSteven Larson- Salinas High
    • SPORT MEN 19-34Christopher Kelly- Oakland
    • SPORT MEN 35-44Bill Dean- NPS
    • SPORT MEN 45-54Michael Urbina- TeamWrongWay
    • SPORT MEN 55+Jeff Townsend- Plus 3
    • CLYDESDALEWade Hall- Los Gatos Bike Racing Club
    • SPORT SINGLE SPEED-Vincent Kurtis Brown-Bike Station Aptos
    • SPORT WOMEN -18Sofia Gomez-Villafane- ODI/dirtball fashion
    • SPORT WOMEN19-34Brianne Spiersch- SBRacing
    • SPORT WOMEN 35-44Shiloh Ballard- San Jose
    • SPORT WOMEN 45+Janel Lodge- Blackmarket/Family Cycling
    • BEGINNING MEN 19-34Ben Blakley- P.G.
    • BEGINNER MEN 35-44Cam Primavera- OTR/SCCC
    • BEGINNER MEN 45-54Robert Tiner- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
    • JR MEN 13 & underJacob Labosky- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
    • JR MEN 14-18Chance Tiner- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
    • JR WOMEN -18Quincee Chandler- Doug Chandler Performance
    • BEGINNING WOMEN 19+Michele Wilcox- SB Racing

    Full results can be found here