Friday, May 21, 2010

More Nevada Racing...

Two new Nor-Nevada races to add to the calendar:

  • The Nevada Cup has added a fourth race to the end of their series. The Great Flume Race will take place on September 12, 2010 in Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park (Spooner Lake) and is sponsored by the Reno Wheelmen. More details as we get them (thanks to Scott P for the heads up).
  • dhRENO has word of a race that's part of the Black Rock Rendezeous: "Great Basin Brewing Company Bicycle Race. Participants will convene at the Main Camp at 8 am on Sunday May 30th, 2010 to disembark to the starting line. Transportation will be provided for bicycles and riders. The race will start at 10 am at Sulphur near the old auto graveyard, and follows a dirt jeep trail along the railroad tracks for 7 miles before turning west along the scenic and historic Applegate Lassen Emigrant Trail. The route continues for an additional 10.7 miles, crossing the Quinn River, and finishing at the Black Rock Hot Spring. There is a $25 entry fee, and all participants will receive an event T-shirt. Cash prizes for the top three finishers will be a percentage of the total purse collected: 25% for 1st, 10% for 2nd, and 5% for 3rd place. Great Basin Brewing Company will provide a selection of their micro-brewed beers to be enjoyed by finishing participants of legal drinking age."

Both events have been added to the calendar.

    Thursday, May 20, 2010

    NorCal MTB Racing This Week: May 20-23, 2010

    It's a big week for MTB racing all across region - both weeknight and weekend. For those of you making your plans, here is a quick rundown of this week's MTB racing schedule for NorCal:

    1. Blazing Saddles Mountain Bike Race Series (Thursday)
    2. Paper Plate Races (Thursday)
    3. 12 & 6 Hours of Weaverville (05/22/10)
    4. SB, Winter XC Series, Round 5 Final Round, Fort Ord (05/22/10)
    5. Pine Nut Cracker (05/22/10)
    6. South Valley Endurance Dirty Gears Series #2 (05/23/10)
    7. Gravity Day (05/23/10)

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    Want To Coach MTB Racing on TV ?

    Okay, this came to me out of the blue, but it sounds like a great opportunity for some NorCal Pro or soon-to-be Pro to get some exposure:

    MTV Networks is looking for a downhill mountain bike racer between the ages of 25-35 who is willing to relocate to San Francisco, CA for 4 to 5 weeks to help a high school student who has never rode on a bike become a downhill mountain biker racer. Interested coaches should be energetic, charismatic, have experience working with teens in boosting confidence and also put safety above all else. Coaches should have strong credentials and be available during our shooting weeks (June 1-July 16). Send picture and resume as well as any mountain biking links to

    If any of you get this gig, I expect my agent fee :)


    2010 Tamarancho Dirt Classic Opens Registration

    TamaranchoThe Tamarancho Dirt Classic is Marin County’s only annual XC mountain bike race, taking place Sunday, June 6, 2010, at Camp Tamarancho outside of Fairfax, California: Prizes 3 deep in each category, and a tough 6 mile singletrack & fire road course including the infamous Dead Heifer (20+ percent).

    Proceeds will go to BTC Marin and Access4Bikes for trail maintenance, creation and advocacy throughout Marin.

    Registration is open now via, and ends a week before the race. No day-of registration. $40 adults, $25 juniors 18 and under.  More information at

    Monday, May 17, 2010

    2010 CCCX XC #5 Results

    2010-05-16-1310.jpgLooks like it was a difficult loop of 5.5 miles with over 600 feet of climbing per lap.  So the Pro/Experts logged around 3000+ climbing during their 28 mile race.  Menso de Jong (Santa Cruz Bikes) was the Pro Expert winner.  Female winners on the day were Carolyn Thompson (Velo Girls), Livia Peras of Santa Cruz, Janel Lodge (Black Market-Family Cycling), Anna Eyre of Daley City.

    A full list of the winners:

    PRO/SEMI-PRO- Menso de Jong- Santa Cruz Bikes
    PRO/EXPERT SINGLE SPEED - Tim Cannard- Ibis/
    EXPERT MEN 35-44- Brian Butler- SB Racing
    EXPERT MEN 45-54- Mark Howland- Black market -Family Cycling Center
    EXPERT 55+- Bob Blanter- Bikes 4 Life
    SPORT/JR MEN 18 & UNDER- Alphonse Le-Duc- San Jose
    SPORT MEN 19-34- Christopher Kelly- Oakland
    SPORT MEN 35-44- Bill Dean- NPS
    SPORT MEN 45-54- Michael Urbina- Team Wrong Way
    SPORT MEN 55+- Jeff Townsend- Plus 3
    CLYDESDALE- Andrew Murray- SCCCC
    SPORT SINGLE SPEED- John Lukasko- Bike Station Aptos/WTB
    SPORT WOMEN19-34- Carolyn Thompson- Velo Girls
    SPORT WOMEN 35-44- Livia Peras- Santa Cruz
    SPORT WOMEN 45+- Janel Lodge- Blackmarket/Family Cycling
    BEG MEN 19-34- Ben Blakley- Pacific Grove
    BEG MEN 35-44- Kris Cowdrey- Joselyns
    BEG MEN 45-54- Steve Anderson- NOAA
    BEG MEN 55+- Jim Claflin- Chico
    JR MEN 13 & under- Jacob Labosky- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
    JR MEN 14-18- Wesley Barnes- The GI Jane Experience
    BEG WOMEN 19+- Anna Eyre- Daly City

    Full Results are available here: Photo(s) courtesy of Scott Mosher Photography (many, many more available)

    Friday, May 14, 2010

    NorCal MTB Racing This Weekend: May 15-16, 2010

    For those of you making your weekend plans, here is quick rundown of this weekend's MTB racing schedule for NorCal (and some SoCal):

    1. California Golden State Series #3 (Saturday): Okay, this certainly isn't in NorCal. But a lot of people are looking for state wide championships and this is one of those series.
    2. MTB Benefit Races at Loma Rica Ranch (Saturday): Debuting 5.8 miles of new mountain bike trails at Loma Rica Ranch, Grass Valley, California.  700 ft/ climbing per lap.  Hilly course is on a 127 acres parcel with amazing flowy single tracks among stands of old pine and madrone stands.
    3. CCCX XC (Sunday):  This Sunday- CCCX #5 will be a special event as results will count towards TEAM BIGFOOT'S 2010 Giant NorCal MTB Championship Series. CCCX #5 will use a counter clock-wise loop that will be about 5 miles in length.  Features on the trail will be a few sharp & steep climbs, fast fire roads, and lots of twisty- turning single track.  Speeds can be very speedy for this loop as trail conditions look rather optimal for this Sunday's competition.

    Wednesday, May 12, 2010

    2010 CCCX DH #3 Results

    Congratulations to all the race winners at CCCX DH #3, this past Sunday at Toro Park near Monterey.  Santa Clara's Jimmy Amaral (Point 1 Racing) posted the fastest time of the day at 3'14".13, just edging Santa Rosa's Sean Tracy by only 1/2 a second.  Racing was super tight in all divisions on a course that featured 1000 feet of vertical drop, fire roads, lots of single track, and one 20% grade portion of trail which turned into a mud/waterfall slide section that claimed many victims on the day.  The overall fastest Women's race was even closer then the Men's, with Livermore's Mary Moncorge taking first with a time of 4'03".88 compared to second fastest Female on the day San Jose's Sharon Hill (Another Bike Shop) who posted a 4'04".19.  Fastest Junior rider on the day was Nick Dommen (WTB/NEMA/GAMUT) who ripped off a stellar time of 3'27".06.
    PRO-SEMI PRO- Jimmy Amaral (Point 1)  
    PRO WOMEN - Sharon Hill (Another Bike Shop)
    EXPERT WOMEN all AGES- Mary Moncorge (Livermore)  
    EXPERT MEN 19-34 - Marshall Eames (Santa Cruz MTB)
    EXPERT MEN 35-44- Andrew Reams (Alamo Bikes)  
    EXPERT MEN 45-54 - Tim Dennis (Pleasant Hill)  
    SPORT WOMEN- Jessica Spray (Stockton)
    SPORT MEN 19-34 - Morgan Brewer (Oakland Republic/Kona Grass Roots)
    SPORT MEN 35-44 - Tim Fraser (Tech Tim)  
    SPORT MEN 45-54- Jeff Van Damme- SCCCC  
    MEN 55+ - Scott Seery- Point 1/Rock Garden Sports  
    BEGINNER WOMEN - Mary Pralinsky- San Fransisco  
    BEGINNER MEN 35-44- Ali Tajeldin- Hayward
    BEGINNER MEN 19-34 - Tim Kunakov- Pacifica  
    JUNIOR BOYS EXPERT- Nick Aguilar- Belmont
    JUNIOR GIRLS 18 & under- Faith Siebe- TREAD  
    JR. BOYS 16-18- Daniel Thompson- Above Category Dev Team
    JR. BOYS 14-16- Nik Dommen- WTB/NEMA/GAMUT
    JR. BOYS 13& under - Niko Kilik- San Jose  
    CLYDESDALE- Eric Battiato- Blossum Valley Const.
    SINGLE SPEED - Dylan Wade- Gilroy  
    CHAINLESS- Jimmy Amaral- Point 1  
    HARDTAIL- Brian Zimmerman- Oakland Republic

    Full results can be found here-

    Monday, May 10, 2010

    Specialized Recalls 2010 Epics

    Scary news coming out of Specialized:
    Specialized recommends that consumers stop using the affected bicycles immediately unless otherwise instructed by a Specialized dealer or representative.The shock mount for the Brain reservoir on the models’ swing arm could break causing loss of control of the bicycle.

    Riders should immediately stop riding affected bikes and contact their Specialized dealer for a free repair. For additional questions, contact Specialized toll-free at (877) 808-8154 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. MT Monday through Friday or visit
    The following models are affected:
    • 2010 Epic Marathon Carbon
    • 2010 Epic Marathon Frame
    • 2010 Epic Expert Carbon
    • 2010 Epic Expert
    • 2010 Epic Comp Carbon
    • 2010 Epic Comp
    • 2010 Era FSR Expert Carbon
    • 2010 Era FSR Expert
    • 2010 Era FSR Comp

    Sunday, May 09, 2010

    Bike Monkey Schedules YCP Plate Races

    Paper Plate RacingI completely misread this as "Youth Community Racing" instead of "Racing at Youth Community Park." Either way, there is some short track racing in Santa Rosa, CA this month:

    Actually, I don’t know where else they would come too since YCP is a lovely little acronym for “Youth Community Park”. Inside the famous “back-side” course that twists around unkempt open-space behind YCP, Bike Monkey is hosting three evening dirt-crit mountain bike races on May 6th, 13th and 20th.

    Via Bike Monkey Magazine.

    Friday, May 07, 2010

    NorCal MTB Racing This Weekend: May 8 - 9, 2010

    For those of you making your weekend plans, here is quick rundown of this weekend's MTB racing schedule for Norcal:
    1. SB, Winter XC MTB Series 2010 Round 4, Santa Teresa (Saturday): The penultimate race in the series moves to Santa Teresa Park.
    2. Red Tail Adventure Race (Saturday): Big Blue Adventure is putting on both an XTERRA and Adventure Race May 8th in Del Valle Regional Park, near Livermore. There will be a short and long course option for both the XTERRA and Adventure Race. The Adventure Race takes advantage of Del Valle’s plush single track, and large lake. It features kayaking, allowing racers to take a cool break on a sure to be warm day (kayaks are provided for the sprint race). The course is designed by ARNavSupplies’ Mark Manning.
    3. XTERRA Del Valle (Saturday): XTERRA Del Valle promises to be a fun and challenging course. Racers will swim in the calm lake at the heart of Del Valle, and ride and run through the surronding single track. Both races will end with a after party of food, cold beer and a raffle where as much $3,500 of Salomon, Merrell and other sponsor swag will be given away.
    4. Lake Sonoma Series (Saturday): The Lake Sonoma series has moved to a new site but the North Bay favorite is still technical.
    5. CCCX Summer DH #4 (Sunday): The CCCX DH series will be back in action for the Mother's Day at Toro Park. "The past few weeks of sunny weather has dried up the wet sections of trails in the interior of the canyons at Toro Park. This should allow for usage of one of my favorite trails in Toro Park, the Bessie Canyon blitz section I created over the past season. This new portion of trail is looking better then ever. As usual I will have a few new surprises for the route to spice up the DH shredding that Nor-Cal's best riders deliver each CCCX event.

    Saturday, May 01, 2010

    Squaw Valley Bike Park ?

    I've seen this a few places but dhRENO had it best:
    Straight from Jim “Hacksaw” Severt:
    So it is official …Squaw Valley USA is opening a Mountain Bike Park this summer (on or around July 4th) and I am the Mountain Bike Park Manger. Hope to see you on the Mountain this summer.
    Squaw Valley will join Northstar at Tahoe as the second resort with summer bike parks.