Saturday, May 30, 2009

2009 12 Hours of Weaverville Results

The 2009 12 hours of Weaverville results have been posted.

Congrats to Kevin Speacht and Yvette Crockell, who appear to have taken the top male and female honors.

Pictures and race reports are posted over at MTBR.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

John Fisher DH Series Preview

pbpic3475408.jpgThis weekend marks the start of the new John Fisher DH Summer Sizzle Benefit Race Series down near Yosemite National Park and here's some late breaking news about the race:
  • Sunday, May 31, 2009 at Miami Creek OHV Park, Oakhurst, CA
  • New Class!!! Kluncker Open, (Old School bike, no shocks or gears)
  • Course map available at
  • Race day registration only (opens at 8am), timed runs start at 12 noon and the race costs $35 for adults and $25 for juniors.
  • Race day practice will be from 8:00 a.m. until 11:45 a.m.
  • Course photos are available online at PinkBike
It looks like it'll be worthy addition to the NorCal DH scene.

The race site is approximately 3 hours from Sacramento, San Jose or Monterey.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First EVER Harvey Bear Ranch MTB Race

I've held off on posting this, mostly because I couldn't believe it was true. Sure, I've heard stories -- back when I lived in Los Gatos -- about people racing their mountain bikes in the South Bay, but I chalked it up to crazy old hippies. And, of course, a few valiant souls have tried to mount races in the past few years. But I do believe that this might be the first actual MTB race in the South Bay Area since I've lived in California (going past 12 years now):
1st Ever Harvey Bear Ranch Mountain Bike Race
  • July 19th, 2009 - race begins at 9:00AM

  • Classes for Beginner, Sport, and Expert

  • 10-23 miles depending on class

  • Fun, challenging course for every age

  • Space is limited to the first 100 riders so don't miss out, sign up today

  • On site registration from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM day of event if spots are available 
This will be a fun, challenging race at Harvey Bear Park (between Morgan Hill and Gilroy on Hwy101).  This is the first time a race has been allowed there so please respect the grounds if you would like to see more races in the area.
Read more at The SV Bike and Run Club website. You can sign up there and view a course map. The race will cost $35 for SV Bike and Run club members and $40 for non-members.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Skyline Park Returns for 2009

The annual Skyline Park XC race (yes, the website hasn't been updated for 2009 yet) is returning for 2009. Held annually in Napa, CA, the race raises money for the park's upkeep.

As in past year's, the course is described as a "fun, demanding and challenging course. 8 miles & 1600 feet of climb per lap (subject to change) 80% single track. Uses parts of the 1999 World Cup course. Number of laps to be determined by category." It also awards a Pro/Elite/Expert purse.
Event: Skyline Park MTB Race
Dates: June 14th, 2009
Location: 2201 Imola Avenue, Napa, CA
Competition: XC
Cost: $30 online, $40 onsite
The race is also part of the Giant Bicycle NorCal Championship Series.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

NorCal HS MTB Crowns 2009 State Champions

58F91077-EFFA-4D7A-A3A8-78F2BF32C619.jpgThe NorCal HS MTB League wrapped up their season last weekend with a full fledged state championship (NorCal and SoCal this year) up a Boggs:
The first full state championships for high school mountain bikers took place on Sunday, May 17, at Boggs Mountain, Cobb, California, when 374 students from as far south as San Diego and as far north as Redding converged for the California High School Mountain Bike Championships, presented by Touchstone Climbing and Fitness. With 39 teams, including six composite teams, students from more than 50 schools participated.

New faces from the upstart SoCal League made their mark, getting all the way to the top of the results in some categories and showing that although the NorCal riders benefit from the depth and intensity of the competition they have created for themselves, the talent pool covers the entire state.

The six-mile woodland loop through Boggs Demonstration Forest provided a broad ranging test of talent, suited best to the all-round rider with good bike handling skills. The most difficult section was a short, very steep, singletrack climb, called The Wall. Some said the course seemed less technical than last year, but all agreed the swoops, jinks and turns of the singletrack made it a lot of fun. The trails were dry, the dust was up, and it was hot—somewhere in the 90s—for much of the day. The racing conditions were far from easy.

Varsity Boys: John Bennett (El Cerrito) ended up with the series win and the state championship, but on Sunday he was pushed all the way by second-placed Nate Byrom (Nevada Union) who was still hungry for a win in the ’09 series. “This is my third year in Varsity. I got a win last year, I was hoping for one today, and finished 15 seconds behind John Bennett. It’s the closest I’ve been all season,” he said. On reflection he added, “I’m very stoked!”

Varsity Girls: The standout freshman, Shayna Powless (Independent), continued her domination of the Varsity category, adding the state championship to her series title. There was nothing to do but applaud the athletic brilliance of this extraordinary talent, some of whose lap times rivaled those of the male winners. Modest as usual, she said after the race “I’ve trained a lot on courses like this, so I felt well prepared. My main hope coming into the race was that I wouldn’t crash. I almost did a couple of times. I was hoping for a top three result, but I’m surprised and happy to win it.”

Junior Varsity Boys Division I: Freshman Bryan Duke (Salinas), racing in only his first NorCal season, made it five wins for five races, finishing with a perfect score as well as the state and series titles. Even more remarkable, his first two lap times were close to or better than John Bennet’s.

Junior Varsity Boys Division II:Three riders exchanged the lead in the battle for line honors, and eventually Andrew Taylor (Contra Costa Composite) re-asserted the authority he had imposed on this division throughout most of the series with three wins, including this one. He claimed the state championship as well as the NorCal series.

Junior Varsity Girls: In one of the biggest surprises of the championships, the steadily improving Courtney Crosta (Woodcreek), managed to hold off series champion Ruth Winder (Independent). Victoria Yoham (Marin Catholic) finished third.

Sophomore Boys Division I: Having recovered from the sprained ankle that slowed him at round four, Drake Pirates rider Roman Brockley powered to a convincing win in the championship and series. Mason Bond and Jeremiah Newman, both of Nevada Union finished second and third respectively, mirroring their results in the series.

Sophomore Boys Division II: SoCal riders Peter Morris and Brady Kiss shone in Soph Division II, taking first and second places in considerable style. Ryan Erler (Marin Catholic) finished third.

Sophomore Girls: Drake rider Sofia Hamilton continued the run of top form she started at round four, and fulfilled the wish she stated there by winning another race – this time the state championship. Morganne Endicott (San Ramon) finished second and won the series title. Lana Nilsen (Salinas) was third.

Freshman Boys Division I: A haircut for Isaiah Rapko (Berkeley High) underlined the importance of this race to the frosh I series leader. “The NorCal races are always important. They’re pretty big in terms of mountain biking, and they’re nationally-known now. So it’s very important for me to win,” he said. Apart form cutting his hair to reduce the effects of the heat, Rapko cooled his body temperature by applying an ice pack to his neck before the race. His season-long rival, Kyle Luther (Folsom), once again was on his heels, pushing Rapko as usual to overdo it or make an error.

Freshman Boys Division II: If Herculaas Botha (San Marin) was offered the win at only one race in the series, surely this would have been it. “It’s a nice change from getting second at every other race,” he quipped at the finish after sealing his series win with victory at the state championship. His super-sized rival, Jordan Vanderstoep (GBK Santa Cruz) once again made it tough for the compact Botha. Adam O’Camb (Miramonte) was third.

Freshman Girls: Series winner Sofia Gomez Villafane (Los Gatos) wasn’t sure if she’d make it through the championship race. “I’ve only had three days of training in the past three weeks, and I was feeling sick. I just kept going, but it was like hell out there. I didn’t feel good until the last mile. I was scared I wouldn’t finish,” she said. Asked about her championship win, she said, “It feels amazing. My coach told me I am the first ever freshman state champion!” Second-placed Rainee Chandler (Salinas) had a very different experience. “It was really fun,” she said. “In the beginning I could see Sofia between the trees, but then I stopped looking and focused on what I was trying to do. was climbing really well and passed me a few times. I pushed to get to the top of the final descent ahead of her then was able to stay clear. That was the best part of my race,” she said. Mackinzie Stanley (Drake) took third place. The top SoCal rider was Leila Carrillo (Newport Beach), who finished a worthy 11th in the field of 17.
Full results and photos are available online.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Shastarama Added To 2009 Giant Bicycles NorCal Series

shasta.jpgI know that many of you will be heading north this weekend to compete in the 12 Hours of Weaverville or Gravity Day races near Redding, so I thought I would finally get off my ass and post the newest race in the series -- the Shastarama DH and XC:
The Giant Bicycles Northern California Mountain Bike Championship Series continues to gain in popularity. The addition of a cross-country and a downhill to be held at Mt. Shasta Ski Park, July 18 and 19, increases the series to nine cross-country events, six downhill events, five Super-D races, and two short-track races. For information on the Mt. Shasta events visit or call (530)926-2539.

“We had all the events in this year’s series all set back in February,” says Vic Armijo of Team Bigfoot, coordinator of the series, “but then the folks at Mt. Shasta decided to hold an event and approached us about being in the series,” he added. “When they told me that the downhill would have chair-lift service and that the timing would be done by their ski racing crew, well, it just made perfect sense!”

This season long points series will culminate at the finals at the LaGrange Fall Classic in Weaverville. Champions in each category will be awarded with a 1st place medal, special 1ST Place Socks from Sock Guy, and will be eligible to purchase a championship jersey. Medals will also be presented for second and third place in the series.
Online registration is available at and the downhill course map is available.

2009 Coolest 24 Hr Against Cancer Results

Coolest24Logo.gifResults from this year's Coolest 24 Hours Against Cancer (held earlier this month) are posted over on the Global Biorhythm Events website.

Congrats to Tinker Juarez (race report 1, 2) and Melanie Dominguez, who won the Pro Men's and Women's events, respectively. Tinker cranked out 14 laps over the 24 hour event -- especially impressive due to the weather.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Delays This Week

Posts will be a bit delayed this week. I am in China and it appears that Blogger, where this blog is hosted, has been blocked by the authorities again (sigh). I can still get around it with my super geek skills but it greatly delays getting info up. Look to be back to normal late this week. Thanks, slashk.

2009 CCCX DH #5 Results

adh5.jpgJunior Pro/Expert sensation Allen Stoddard(Mom) upset one of Nor-Cal's most consistent racer's Keith DeFiebre(Gt Dirt Coalition-Clalabazas Cyclery) to claim overall top honors at the CCCX DH race # 5 held in Toro Park near Monterey.  
Stoddard's time was 2'49''.68, just edging DeFiebre's time of 2'50''.04.  
Stoddard claimed the cash for fastest time of the day that goes along with the overall win among a stacked field of riders from all over Northern California.
Fastest female on the day was Sharon Hill(Murray Renaissance) with a time of 3'31''.64 for the 1.5 mile course.  
Speeds were extra fast on the day as the course featured many steep sections that became extra lose and tricky as the racing progressed.  many riders crashed or missed turns as it was difficult to control speeds on the steep sections of the course.  
Fastest Junior rider on the day was Max Rausch(Prime Designs/CCCX) with a time of 2'57''.08.
Top 5 fastest times on the day- all from the Pro division:
1- 2'49''.68- Allen Stoddard(Mom)  
2- 2'50''.04 - Keith DeFiebre(Gt Dirt Coalition-Clalabazas Cyclery)
3- 2'52''.11- John Hauer(Team X-Fusion/Intense)
4- 2'52''.76- Ian Massey(Stone Racing/WTB)
5- 2'54''.63- Aaron Bradford(OnSiteUltraSound)
Top 3 female times-
1- 3'31''.64- Sharon Hill(Murray Renaissances)
2- 3'42''.88- Megan Zemny(Team Roaring Mouse)
3- 4'01''.05- Ashye Tuncer(Chainsmoke)
All division winners on the day:
PRO/SEMI PRO - Allen Stoddard(Mom)
EXPERT MEN 19-34 - Sean Tracy(Thunder Bringers)
EXPERT MEN 35-44- Bob Barwick(Family Cycling Center)
EXPERT MEN 45-54- Rex Heywood(Gamut/661)
SPORT 19-34 - Colin Daw(Wheel Away Cycle Center)
SPORT 35-44 - John Myers- Santa Cruz
SPORT MEN 45-54 - Mark Aley(Hank & Frank Bikes/BTU)
BEGINNER MEN 19-34- Michael Corbino- Mill Valley
BEGINNER MEN 35-44 - Ray Charles(Oaklyn Records)
BEGINNER MEN 45-54 - Jeff Vandamme(SCCCC)
MEN'S 55+ - Michael Kauert(Mr. E's Racing)
HARDTAIL - Rex Haywood(Gamut/661)
CLYDESDALE- Aaron Crozier- San Jose
EXPERT WOMEN - Sharon Hill(Murray Renaissances)
BEGINNING WOMEN - Ashye Tuncer(Chainsmoke)
JR. EXPERT - Max Rausch(Prime Designs/CCCX)
JR. BOYS 16-18 - Kyle Winterhalder- Soquel
JR. BOYS 14-15 - Carson Heywood- Angwin
JR. 13 & under- Casey Meyers- Santa Cruz
NO CHAIN - Nick Barton -(Supecede)
PIXIE - Justin Mann- Team SMB
Next CCCX DH will be held June 7 at Toro Park near Monterey.

2009 CCCX XC #7 Results

2009xc75.jpgBrian Butler (Joselyn's-Burnham Coaching) and Jamie
Stamps (Another Bike Shop) posted the top male & female race times in
Monterey at CCCX XC #7.

Butler edged out Anastasio Flores(ABS) in a thrilling sprint finish to
claim the overall win. While top female finisher Jamie Stamps rode
very strong on a challenging course made extra difficult by 90 degree

All division winners on the day....

PRO/SEMI-PRO - Anastasio Flores - ABS
EXPERT 19-34 - Brian Butler- Joselyn's-Burnham Coaching
EXPERT 35-44 - Alexander Rouch- Joselyns
EXPERT 45-54 - Shane Huntoon- IC3
EXPERT 60+ - Larry Broberg- Team Bicycle Trip
SPORT MEN 19-34- Joseph Brody- Beaver Racing
SPORT MEN 35-44 - Shane Flynn- Hwy 68 Hillbillies
SPORT MEN 45-55 - Jim Werle- Sterling Sports Group
SPORT MEN 55+ - Joseph Crabtree- Forest Hill Bike Shop
SPORT WOMEN 34 & under- Megan Zemny- Team Roaring Mouse
SPORT WOMEN 35-44 - Elke MacGregor- Palo Alto
SPORT WOMEN 45+ - Daphne Hodgson- Velo Bella/Kona
JUNIOR MEN 14-18 - Nick Casaccia- Family Cycling Center
BEGINNING MEN 19-34 - Frank Spiteri- Peninsula Velo/Pomodoro
BEGINNING MEN 35-44 - Peter Howarth- San Jose Bicycle Club
BEGINNING MEN 45-54 - Mark Knutson- BSA Racing / SCCCC
BEGINNING MEN 55+- Rick Ortenblad - Harbor High School
JUNIOR MEN 13 & under - Sagee Moyal- Summit Bicycles
BEGINNING WOMEN 19+- Brianne Spiersch- Joselyns
JUNIOR WOMEN 18 & under - Emily Cerna- Salinas High Cowboys

Full list of results are available at

Rick's photos are posted at

Next CCCX XC will be May 30 in Monterey.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mad Cat Bike Swap Meet

97FCAE48-A366-418F-85B5-A64FEA2F96EF.jpgI might have missed this but Sacramento locals Mad Cat Bike Shop are having a bike swap meet tomorrow (sunday):
3rd Annual "Recycle Swap Meet"
Sunday, May 17th, 2009  8am-12pm
Buy - Sell - Browse
Pancake Breakfast! (with a small Team donation)
If you'd like to reserve booth space, call or email us and we can get you signed up. Booth Space is $50 for 10'x10'. Discounts for local cycling club members.
It is free to come and browse, but participants will not be allowed to enter until 8am sharp.
Swing down if you're not racing.

Downieville Outfitters Posts Downieville Conditions Reports

unknown.jpgWith Sierra foothill temperature threatening to hit 100F today, it's probably time to start thinking about biking the high country:
Downieville Outfitters is posting up the seasonal snow melt conditions reports with pics in anticipation of another great season.

Riders will be able to check the Downieville Conditions web page for current trail conditions at:

The Condition Reports are to help inform riders just how soon Downieville is ridable from the top and what to expect and can plan their trips appropriately. We will be updating the conditions reports bi-weekly and/or after any storm or heat wave rolls through.

Shuttles will start running on May 23rd!

We also have a rediculous amount of weather and forecast information on the Downieville Weather page:
The Downieville Classic is July 10 - 12 this year.

Friday, May 15, 2009

2009 CCCX #5 Preview

Here's the scoop on this weekend's CCCX Downhill course:
Speeds will be at a all time high for the CCCX Series as gravity will dictate most of the action for race #5. The course opens up with a drag race sprint start, which leads into some super fast fire road sections. The course then dashes into a new section, freshly cut, that has never been used for a CCCX DH event. This new section dices in between oak trees and slices through Toro Park chaparral. The trail then connects to some portions of switch back trail that will test turning and tire traction. Following the switch backs, there is more steep sections added that have not been used in past events. The trail then pops out to the standard CCCX DH finish straight. The entire trail is extremely fast, and the racing action will be full on.
Saturday is the CCCX Cross Country (XC) race, while Sunday is the CCCX Downhill.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

SoNoMas 100 Updates

event_sonomas.jpgSome last minute instructions about this weekend's SoNoMas:
Final Venue Location: We decided to move a little higher on the watershed to host SoNoMas. Sorry for all the last-minute changes folks... Bear with us.

WHY THE CHANGE? SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY-- The original route required you to make a left-hand turn on a very busy section of road this time of year. We don't need that on our plate. So instead we are eliminating about 300 feet of climbing. We are also also eliminating the fireroad climb to Liberty Glenn, and instead are routing riders along an additional single-track to make up some more mileage while mellowing out the profile. You'll love us for this.

AID and SUPPORT: You're going to love the support setup we have for this event. Take a look at the PDF MAP HERE and you'll see why. Camelbak is even going to be doing a bottle exchange half-way around the route at a boat-in campsite with cool drinks and supplies. THANK YOU CAMELBAK! Talk about killer local support. A bunch of Gu, fruit, and food items will also be available at staffed aid stations.
Via Bike Monkey Magazine.

There is still time to register before May 14th (tonight).

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

North American Trials Nationals #1

Picture 3.png

NATS (North American Trials Series), National #1 for 2009 is starting off in Fresno at the trials park in Fresno’s new Woodward MTB Skills Park.

On May 16th (this Saturday), we will have the opening round of this year BikeTrials National for 2009. Their will be classes for all levels and not just trials bike classes. We will have BikeTrials classes, Unicycles classes, 10 & Under Kids classes and regular MTB bike classes. More of a skills competition for the MTB class, a lot of fun for all.

NATS National Classes and rules apply
Schedule: Saturday, May 16, 2009
Registration Opens: 8:30am
Rider's Meeting: 9:15am & 1:15pm

More details at

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weeknight Racing Comes To Redding: Blazing Saddles

7E83EA27-C92D-4287-A5CB-6E43F279EF7B.jpgRedding is the latest city to get their very own homegrown weeknight MTB racing series with S.O.A.R.'s Blazing Saddles MTB Race Series:
  • Outdoor Fun, Food and Music
  • 1st - 3rd place awards in every category & every race.
  • Free dinner for riders ($5 for fans)
  • Raffle giveaways
  • Awards for series winners (Top 10 places to be awarded points to be totaled at the end of series )
The races will be held every Thursday evening from May 21st (May 21st, May 28th, June 4th, June 11th & June 18) at Swasey Recreation Area starting at 5:00 PM for registration. Online registration is available at Racing starts at 6:00 PM.

Monday, May 11, 2009

2009 Reno Twilight MTB Series

Wheelmen_banner.jpgTo accompany my slighting of Nevada on the 2009 Nevada Cup announcement, I also missed the Reno Wheelmen's Twilight MTB series schedule (PDF details). While some of these are past, there is one coming up this week:
2009 Twilight Mountain Bike Series
  • Apr 23rd Keystone Canyon
  • May 7th Keystone Canyon
  • May 14th Peavine Hill Climb
  • May 21st Keystone Canyon
  • Jun 4th Keystone Canyon
  • Jun 11th Keystone Canyon
  • Jun 18th Keystone Canyon
  • Jun 25th Keystone Canyon
  • Again, these dates will hit the sidebar sometime later today.

    2009 Nevada Cup Scheduled

    So I completely dropped the ball on this one, even after someone sent me an email to remind me about it:
    The 2009 Nevada Cup is scheduled and underway. The four race series covers familar races from past years (Pine Nut, Peavine and Sky Tavern) but drops the Rainbow Ridge race (and the Comstock Classic didn't seem to pan out). I don't have websites for all of these but here are the dates:
    • May 2nd: Pine Nut Cracker, Gardnerville (RESULTS in PDF)
    • May 30th: Peavine Challenge, Reno
    • Aug 16th: Sky Tavern Classic, Reno
    Here is the full PDF listing the events with some details.

    These aren't yet listed on the sidebar but should be up later today. Sorry again to the NorNevada folks about the oversight.

    Friday, May 08, 2009

    2009 PCRS #5 Results

    pcrs.pngAlthough I have been strangely silent on the Prairie City Race Series this spring (sorry guys!), it appears that it hasn't hurt attendance at all. Wednesday night's PCRS #5 (results posted here) drew the usual mass of racers with Keith Hillier taking the Expert Plus Men's and Jennifer Marie Zierke capturing the Women's Experts. Photos are in the usual place.

    Tuesday, May 05, 2009

    2009 Friends of Tamarancho Announced

    Tamarancho.pngThe Fairfax Fat Tire Festival and Friends of Tamarancho Invitational Mountain Bike Race 2009 has been set for June 7th, 2009. The cross country race is described as:
    The race course will be a six- to eight-mile loop through Camp Tamarancho, with finish distances dependent upon category:
    • Pro / Expert / Cat 1 (Men & Women): 20-24 miles
    • Sport / Cat 2 (Men & Women): 14-16 miles
    • Beginner / Cat 3 (Men & Women): 6-8 miles
    Because the race takes place at Camp Tamarancho, all racers are required to have a current Friends of Tamarancho Pass.
    You can register on this site.

    Monday, May 04, 2009

    2009 CCCX DH #3 Results

    Dusty Downs , our trusty correspondent down in Monterey, reports on Sunday's CCCX DH #3:
    cccx-dh-3.jpgMark Weir (WTB/FOX) ripped apart the trails at Toro Park posting an outstanding race run to claim top honors on the day with a time of 5'24''.81 for the 3 mile route that the locals refer to as "Rail Trail". The course descends 1000 vertical feet and features many high speed single track sections. The fastest female racer was Sharon Hill (Murray Renaissance) with a time of 6'16''.92.

    Keith DeFiebre (Gt Dirt Coalition) posted 3 wins on the day claiming the Hardtail division 5'59''.64, The Single Speed division 5'57''.19, and the Chainless race 6'45''.94. DeFiebre was also 5th place in the Pro division.

    The Junior Expert winner was Max Rousch (Prime Design/CCCX) with a time of 5'51''.50.

    Top 5 fastest overall (all from the Pro division)
    1- Mark Weir (WTB/FOX) Novato 5'24''.81
    2- Ian Massey (Stone Racing/WTB) Concord 5'38''.73
    3- Nick Barton( Supecede) Richmond 5'46''.49
    4- Allen Stoddard (Mom) Salinas 5'47''.19
    5- Keith DeFiebre (GT Dirt Coalition) Prunedale 5'49''.06

    Top 5 fastest Women-
    1- Sharon Hill (Murray Renaissance) San Jose 6'16''.92
    2- Kelly Johnsen (Chainsmoke) Mt. View 7'11''.77
    3- Ashye Tuncer (Chainsmoke) Aptos 7'25''.34
    4- Ashley Hernandez (CCCX) San Juan 7'32''.57
    5- Kelly Moore (50/50 DH Race Team) Monterey 7'41''.92

    full results are here....

    The next race in the CCCX DH Series will be held on Sunday May 17 at Toro Park.

    Sunday, May 03, 2009

    2009 Coolest Race Reports and Photos

    Coolest24Logo.gifNo word on results yet, but there is a long thread of the MTBR forum and Brian (of PCRS fame) has posted his photos over at

    2009 CCCX XC #6 Results

    Results are posted from yesterday's CCCX Cross Country race down at Toro Park:As always, Rick R has posted some great photos (apparently, it's much drier on the coast than here).
    This photo is courtesy of Rick's collection.

    Top finishers included:
    • Men's Pro/Semi-Pro: Aaron Bradford (OnSite Ultrasound Racing)
    • Pro/Expert Singlespeed: Cesar Chavez (
    • Pro/Expert Women: Michelle Monroe (Joselyns)
    The next race is May 16th at Fort Ord.

    Team Bigfoot Announces Kirkwood Nine to Five

    Untitled.pngTeam Bigfoot is holding their first event south of Humboldt County this year with the Kirkwood 9 to 5, to be held at Kirkwood Ski Resort on August 1st, 2009:
    We're proud to announce this all new event!
    The course will be a six to seven mile loop with about 5 miles of singletrack.
    A course map and profile will be on the website soon.
    There will be a great prize list, including season passes to Kirkwood Ski Resort to all solo category winners!
    Kirkwood is located south of Lake Tahoe in the El Dorado National Forest and the Mountain Bike Park at Kirkwood will open for the season on Saturday July 4, and will be open Saturdays and Sundays all summer until Sunday, September 6.

    Saturday, May 02, 2009

    Summit Shorty Returns for 2009

    Weeknight Short Track XC is back in the North Bay this spring:
    The Summit Shorty is back in 2009 for more short course XC racing! Due to popular demand, we will do a spring and a summer series this year. The racing happens Tuesday evenings atop the hill at McInnis Park. The spring race series runs for six Tuesday evenings, beginning May 5th.

    Registration is $10 per person, per race. Each class is limited to 35 riders.
    More information is available at Summit Bicycles San Rafael.

    View Larger Map

    Check out last year's coverage in the archives.