Friday, June 29, 2007

2007 CCCX XC & DH Finale Updates

For those of you going down to the 2007 CCCX XC or DH finale this weekend, be aware:
THIS JUST IN! The Final race will be part of the California State XC Series. As such, USAC Licenses will be necessary. One-day licenses will be available, however EVERY RIDER'S entry fee will now be an additional $5. Expert, Semi-Pro, and Pro riders who wish to receive State Championship points and US National Qualifying status must have a full USAC license (not a one-day). These licenses will be available onsite as well, however, for convenience please go to the USAC website, purchase your license ahead of time and bring your print out to the race.
Tomorrow's XC racing will be at Fort Ord East Garrison (new entrance).

Sunday's DH racing will again will be a fundraiser for Todd Cannatelli, who was injured in a serious accident in the New Mexico NORBA race early this year. The course is described as:
The Final course of the series has been mapped out, and it is a similar route to the final course from the 2006 series. It opens up on some rather fast fire road, turning into single track, then back to fire road, and it repeats this pattern into the finish area. There are a few semi steep sections that will test breaking and tire traction. The course has many fun turns that are bermed as well as flat track style. This course features some really fun trail riding and is not overly technical, yet with the dry terrain, it will be tricky to navigate the route at race speeds. Series awards will be handed out following the final runs, around 3:30 pm.
Also, there will again be pixie and chainless events at the DH race. Hope everyone heads down to support the finals on the coast.

The Coolest 24 Raises $44k

Good news from the Coolest 24 organizers:
I would like to thank all of you that raced, volunteered, sponsored and helped in any way to make this a great giving event. Not only giving out $6,000 in prize money and $20,000 in awards and prizes.I handed over a check to the ACCEF and to UC Davis Cancer center for the amount of $44,000 big ones. There was some other small funds, and that went to IMBA that was only a $1000. Next year the fee's go down and the prize money goes up. Thanks again The Nor-Cal Mt. bike racers do care about the fight against cancer!!
A nice picture is available over at the website.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

2007 Prairie City Spring #12

Race results for the last Prairie City (PCRS) Spring race have been posted. And the photos from the costume contest are also online.

Congratulations to Bob Delps who beat Brian Rouse for the Men's Expert Plus win and Rhonda Figone who bested Natalie Morris in the Women's Expert race.

Howarth Park #3 Results

Howarth Park Dirt Crit #3 race results have been posted, along with photos from the event.

This week's winners included Sean Archibald (juniors), Stephen Rauch (C's), Jim Hewitt (A's), Lindsay Segbers (Women) and Riley Howard (B's).

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TONIGHT: Final Spring PCRS

Tonight is the final Prairie City (PCRS) race of the spring series and you'll be able to stay a bit later after the race:
I spoke with Tony, the park superintendent, and (like last year) OK'd that we can hang out at the park a little longer after the racing is done. I imagine we are safe until almost 9pm... so bring your BBQ supplies or picinic dinner and hang out and socialize with all those that you have been competing against all season! Oh, and of course, don't forget the costume contest! Sweet schwag for the best male and female costumes!
Of course, don't forget the costumes. I am sure the Sumo wrestler will win again this year. After tonight, the PCRS Fall Flash starts on August 22nd.

Reno Twilight Race Series

Filing this under "race series I just found the results page for", here are the the 2007 Reno Wheelmen MTB Twilight Race series results. This year's finals are this Thursday and it looks as if Monte Boyle (Ritchey) may have the Men's A series sewn up over Scott Fifield (Bike Warehouse) with his 20 point lead. On the women's side, Cody Clark (Ritchey) will easily win their A series. The overall series points are shown here.

Monday, June 25, 2007


CCCX DH #6 results have been posted.

Congratulation to Jimmy Amaral and Nova Hairstan who won the Men's Semi-Pro/Pro and Women's Expert, respectively. Also props to Mitch Monroe (SF DirtLab) who beat Kieth DeFiebre (Calabazas/Altezza 40/SF velo) for the "Chainless" title and Justin Martin who won the "Pixie" competition.

Rick Rasmussen has posted photos from the CCCX DH #6 at his SmugMug site.

This photo (from Rick R's collection) of the pixie race is pretty sweet.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Race results have been posted. Congratulations to Anastasio Flores (Another Bike Shop) and Sarah Kerlin (ABS) who won the Men's and Women's Pro events.

No race results yet, but race reports for the eighth CCCX XC are being posted over at MTBR.

Rick Rasmussen has posted CCCX XC #8 race photos. The photo below is courtesy of his site.

RACE RESULTS: Lake Sonoma Series #3

The third Lake Sonoma Series XC race is in the books. Sonoma Series #3 results are posted here and LSS race pictures are posted on Picassa. Congratulations to Roger Bartels, Jay Bretz and Karla Kingsley who won the Men's Pro, Cyclocross and Expert Women's races, respectively.

Cougar Mountain DH Update

The folks at RideSFO (who run the CHDH series) are helping to design this year's downhill for the Cougar Mountain Classic. From their email:
Infineon knows that the race hasn't been the greatest in the past but they are committed to make every improvement and it starts with the course. This year, a group of local riders, rideSFO, and Infineon have teamed up to create a fast, flowy, fun and challenging DH course. We’ve maintained the basic skeleton of the past years course, but it will be well groomed before Thursday’s practice runs. We are going to try our best to make the course as solid as it can be ..... We’ve also made sure to minimize any flatter pedal sections, and increase the flow of the course as much as possible. The course remains technical, but the fun factor has been dialed up considerably.

The course will sport new sculpted berms down steep terrain, techy off-camber sections, and an all new jump line for riders and spectators alike, that snakes from the finish of the original course downhill into the paddock where you’ll demonstrate your air skills and cornering ability for your family and friends just before crossing the finish line. We want you to come off the mountain with a smile on your face.

For more info check out .... Lets keep another local DH race .
This can be only be good.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

More Northstar at Tahoe Opening News

Some more news on the impending opening of the Northstar at Tahoe MTB park, as well as their race series:
We can finally unveil our new and improved park on Friday, June 29 - in less than a week!
  • GYPSY is our newest top to bottom trail. It is an advanced single diamond trail full of fun jumps, berms and drops. View photos of Gypsy
  • Expert riders can enjoy a new single track section of BOONDOCKS, replacing the old fire road. Look for natural rock features and challenging technical options on this full top to bottom single track.
  • Look for the Boardwalk feature – a 120 ft ladder – on the new BIG TREES trail. This is just one of the many new features added to the park for this summer.
  • Get excited for the soon-to-be-complete LIVE WIRE trail which will feature lots of smooth jumps and berms with a full irrigation system that will keep the dust down and make the dirt nice and tacky.
Downhill Mountain Bike Races (DH) start Sunday, July 1
Northstar™ Resort's Downhill Mountain Bike Series is back! Race in one or all five events throughout the summer. Our downhill terrain offers the perfect venue for this tooth rattling, downhill challenge. More on DH Races >

XC Race Series start Sunday, July 5
Every Thursday evening at Northstar Resort, try your luck in this fun, recreational mountain bike race for all ages and abilities. Courses are suitable for beginners through experts. More on XC Races >
They have also posted some more photos of the park. Northstar at Tahoe is also sponsoring a race team this year.

Friday, June 22, 2007

CCCX DH #6 Preview

Some updates for this weekend's CCCX DH race:
The CCCX Series will be working a fund raiser/raffle for Todd Cannatelli (Moorewood Bikes/Monster) during the final 2 races. Cannatelli, who has provided Monster drinks to all racers at the CCCX events, went down in a serious accident at the New Mexico National race, and the CCCX series will host a raffle in his benefit at the final race. Tickets can be purchased and donations can be made at registration during the final 2 races.

There will also be a new Chainless division at the final races, and a Pixie Bike division for any racers interested. Chainless race will be a DH run with your chain removed or zip tied to the frame so there is no pedaling involved- ONLY COASTING. Pixie bikes are the mini bicycles. Medals will be awarded to top placing in these divisions.

The race route for DH #6 has been selected and it is a new trail that has never been used for a CCCX DH event. The trail starts off with side hill sections that feature loose and off camber turns. The trails then flows into a single track trail where there are bermed turns and the speed can be high. This route will be a solid test of DH skills and aggressiveness. The course will start and finish in a different area of the park then past races, but the parking and registration will be is similar place.
See the full details at the CCCX DH page.

RACE RESULTS: Howarth Park Dirt Crit #1 & #2

So I was completely asleep at the wheel again on this one: Howarth Park Dirt Crits results and photos have been posted by the home of North Bay racing,'ll try and keep up on these better.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Photos have been posted for Prairie City #11. It looks like there is a movie also this week.

Results should be posted sometime later tonight. Results have been posted.

NorCal MTB News On Your Site

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Drop us an email if you run into a problems.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

2007 PCRS Fall Flash Announced

The folks behind the Prairie City Race Series have announced their Fall Flash series:
It is a short 4 race series August 22nd, 29th, September 5th & 12th, 2007. The "FLASH" courses are a little shorter, flatter and faster than our spring/summer season courses because of the limited sunlight hours... and we also include A, B and C categories for CYCLOCROSS. (You CX'ers can use these as a great pre-season tune up!)
You can find more information on the series at the PCRS website.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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Deer Valley NMBS Race Reports

Race reports are filtering in from last weekend's NMBS / NORBA event in Deer Valley:
I am sure more will surface over the next week.

And they did:

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Results continue to pour in about this weekend's NMBS / NORBA event at Deer Valley, Utah. In the downhill event, Duncan Riffle held off Justin Loev for the Men's Pro win and Melissa Buhl beat NorCal's Kathy Pruitt for the Women's title. Decline Magazine has the latest DH results from the NORBA / NMBS Deer Valley race (via Sick Lines).

MTBR has some sweet photos in the DH forum.


I have not seen the official XC results posted from yesterday's NORBA / NMBS Deer Valley race, but VeloNews is reporting that Americans Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (Subaru-Gary Fisher) and Georgia Gould (Luna) took the Men's and Women's Pro races. JHK beat Canadian and NMBS points leader Geoff Kabush (Maxxis) for the win, while Georgia held off Shonny Vanlandingham (Luna) and Katrina Nash for her win.

VeloNews has the complete rundown on the races. They also have the Short Track results where Kabush and Katerina Nash scored victories.

Next up today is the Pro DH events.

NorCal MTB Parks Ready To Open

The NorCal Ski Resorts are dusting off their chair lifts and readying to open for their MTB parks for riding.

Mammoth Mountain

The bike park is scheduled to open June 23, 2007. There are a lot of park features for XC, DH and Freeriders [TRAIL MAP]. Prices range from $10 - $37 per day (depending on lift access and shuttle), while a season pass is $300 (adult after June 22nd). Of course, they have a Stay & Bike deal for you.

Northstar at Tahoe

The mountain bike park is back at Northstar after a one year hiatus. Two entirely new trails, five new trail segments and a new jump park will greet riders this year [TRAIL MAP]. Lift tickets are $39 for adults and the bike park is open 9:30 AM - 4 PM (5 PM on Saturdays). Northstar is currently set to open their park on June 29th. Races begin a few weeks later. Northstar also has a Stay & Bike promotion. The photo at the right is from Northstar website.


Although more XC oriented than Northstar or Mammoth, Kirkwood also hosted mountain bikes during the summer. Kirkwood also plans to open June 29th. Rates start at $30 (adult) for the full day and $15 for half. They will also be holding bike clinics periodically during the summer.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

CHDH #2 G Out Speeds

Speeds from the G Out Speedtrap at the Corral Hollow Downhill race are now posted. Waylon Smith (Specialized) took the top honors at a certainly unsafe speed of 43 miles per hour.

Also, I had a small snafu on posting the Pro results from the CHDH #2 yesterday: David Klaassenvanoorschot (ODI Southridge/Utopia) actually won the Pro Men's race. I've corrected the original post.

RACE REPORT: 24 Hours of Adrenalin Laguna Seca

I posted about the audio updates over the weekend, but wanted to link into the race results and final reports around the web:Congratulations to Yuri Hauswald (Petaluma) and Terri Wahlberg (Santa Monica) who won the Men's and Women's Solo competitions, respectively.

2007 NorCal CX Preliminary Schedule

IMG_1089.JPGFor those of you who also CycloCross (CX), some news of the upcoming season: The Northern California Nevada Cycling Association has published the preliminary 2007 NorCal Cyclocross (CX) race calendar.

It looks like they have tried hard to harmonize the schedule across all the different CX racing leagues. Most of the series have fewer dates, but none of them overlap. For more details, see the Beer League CX website. I will probably be covering more of the CX scene in this blog this year.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2007 Howarth Dirt Crits

The Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks department has announced their 2007 Wednesday night summer racing series in Howarth Park. As last year, the races are described as "The excitement of short track mountain bike racing comes to Howarth Park! These races are for anyone who would like to try mountain bike racing on a short course, all skill levels are welcome ... The course is approximately 1 mile and consists of smooth, rolling dirt trails ... Prizes will be given at the end of each race." Race dates are as follows:

  • June 13th, 20th and 27th
  • July 11th, 18th and 25th
  • August 8th, 15th and 22nd
I loved these kinds of races when I was younger.
Event: Howarth Park Dirt Crits
Dates: 6/13, 6/20, 6/27, 7/11, 7/18, 7/25, 8/8, 8/15 and 8/22
Location: Howarth Park, Santa Rosa, CA [ MAP ]
Competition: ST / XC
Cost: $4 jr, $9 adults pre-reg (+$1 onsite)
URL: Santa Rosa Parks website
License: none
Registration: Santa Rosa Parks website or onsite

Monday, June 11, 2007


161617283-S.jpgCorrall Hollow DH results have been posted!

Congratulations to Pro DHer's Amil Cavalier (Giant Bicycles) David Klaassenvanoorschot (ODI Southridge/Utopia), who won the Men's competition over Amil Cavalier (Giant Bicycles) and Kyle Wideman (WTB/Foxshox), and Allie Burch (Velo Bella/Kona) who took the Ladies race.

RickR has posted almost 1,000 of photos from the CHDH:
Saturday Practice
Sunday Practice
Race Photos
Assorted Edited Full-sized Files
The photo at the right is from his online collection.

Corral Hollow Downhill photos are also being posted over at MTBR.

When you get a chance, go check out the new website for the CHDH race at

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mounting A Camera On Your Bike

This has very little to do with MTB racing, but I thought it was something that a lot of people might be interested in:
I've seen a couple gorgeous films lately of couriers flying through traffic, narrowly avoiding cars and pedestrians, all filmed from a bicyclist's perspective (example). Most of these are shot from helmet cam, but there's something cool about the perspective from a fixed bike mount as well. The latter is really easy to do on the cheap, and there are a couple Instructables that'll show you how to build a secure mount for your video camera with just a buck or two or hardware.
Full links and instructions over at Hackzine.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Get Well Andy

For those of you that follow the NorCal Cyclocross or Road scenes, you probably know that Andy Jacques-Maynes was injured in a horrible crash at the Memorial Day Crit in Morgan Hill, CA a few weeks ago. He's been released from the hospital, but he is facing a fairly lengthy recovery and huge medical bills (ICU time and helicopter rides are expensive).

To help defray his bills, a fund has been setup in his name. You could really help out by donating to:
Jacques-Maynes Medical Fund
501 Plum Street
Capitola, CA 95010

Checks can be made to "Jacques-Maynes Medical Fund" and the Tax ID # is 51-0637832. The fund is registered as a non-profit with the IRS.
You can follow Andy's recovery at

By the way Andy, are you the guy who sat next me on the United flight back from Tokyo on May 23rd ? You can really sleep. /k


Results and photos have been posted for the ninth Prairie City XC race on Wednesday night. It looked to be another 3.5 miles course with about 400' of climbing.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

RACE RESULTS: 12 Hrs of Weaverville

Team Bigfoot has posted the final results for the 2007 12 Hours of Weaverville MTB endurance race. Race reports are posted over on this thread at MTBR.

Congratulations to Women's Expert/Pro winner Louise Kobin (San Jose, 9 laps) and Men's Expert/Pro winner Sloane Anderson (9 Laps).

Preliminary 2007 Nevada Cup Standings

The preliminary standings for 2007 Nevada Cup (Nevada State XC & DH Championship Series) have been posted. They do not include last weekend's Peavine Challenge (i.e. they are only for the first two races) as I haven't seen them online yet.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Results for the last weekend's CCCX downhill (DH) race are online. This race is #5 in the series, but it was an added date so it might not show correctly in the calendar.

Congratulations to Ross McMahon (TrailHead Cyclerey) and Jen McNiven (TrailHead Cyclery) for the Pro/Semi-Pro/Expert wins.


Results for the seventh race in the CCCX cross country (XC) MTB series have been posted. Race reports and pictures are available here and here.

Congrats to Anastasio Flores and Sarah Kerlin, who won the Men's and Women's Pro/Semi-Pro races.

RACE RESULTS: Lake Sonoma Series

So I am way behind the times on this one, but the folks over at BikeMonkey have posted the results to the first two Lake Sonoma Series races. The Lake Sonoma Series is the successor to the Billy Cross Racing Series from past years.

ROADTRIP: 12 Mile SuperD

If you were thinking of driving north for Breakaway Event's 12 Mile SuperD, be aware that I had the wrong date on the schedule. The correct date is this Sunday, June 10th. There are no race day registrations, so make sure you sign up before June 9th (Saturday).

The 12 Mile SuperD is a 5000' vertical Super D course that covers 12 miles near Mount Ashland, Oregon ski resort. dhRENO had a good race report from last year's 12 Mile SuperD.

Sorry for the screwup, I didn't check back with our northern neighbors after the tentative dates were posted. Thanks to Jason for pointing this out.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

2007 Jeep King of the Mountain

The Jeep King of the Mountain is back for 2007 and once again they will be racing down in San Luis Obispo.

This year's invitation only 4x / Dual Slalom / MTB racing dates will be:
  • Aug. 4 – Park City, UT (Canyons Resort)
  • Aug. 18 – San Luis Obispo, CA (Madonna Inn)
  • Sept. 1 – Beaver Creek, CO (Beaver Creek Resort)
More details over at Dirt Rag. Check out last year's coverage in the archives.

Friday, June 01, 2007

NORBA Angel Fire Video

Some video from last weekend's NORBA event. You can see the original (in sparkling HD Quicktime format) over at Nicely done.