Thursday, June 24, 2010

2010 Hasta Be Shasta Cancelled !

Another race falls victim to our cool summer temperatures ...

We reget to announce that due to there still being up to five feet of snow on the course Hasta Be Shasta has been cancelled.

Shastarama on July 18 will still happen.

Via Team Bigfoot

NorCal MTB Racing This Weekend: June 24-27, 2010

For those of you making your weekend plans, here is quick rundown of this weekend's MTB racing schedule for NoCal (Why is everything in Tahoe this weekend ?):

  1. Reno Wheelmen Twilight MTB Series (06/24/10 - TONIGHT)
  2. TBF Friday Night MTB Series (06/25/10 Friday Night)
  3. So Cal Mtn. Stage Race (06/26/10): Although not in NorCal by any means, this seems like a cool race with only a bit of a roadtrip.
  4. Northstar ProGRT (06/26/10): race with the Pros up in Tahoe
  5. XTERRA Tahoe City (06/26/10)
  6. CCCX XC (06/27/10): The series finale


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010 CCCX XC #6 Results

Alex Work (Rock Lobster) set a blistering pace during CCCX XC Race #6 (The Father's Day Classic) on his way to dominating the proceedings in the Pro/Expert division this past Sunday in Monterey.  Work's time for 5 laps equaling 25 miles with 3335 feet of climbing was 1.40'22''.  Cesar Chavez ( posted the 2nd fastest time of the day at 1.40'35''.  Epicenter Cycling's Jordan Kestler just made it into the top 3 fastest riders on the day with a time of 1.44'09", barely edging Joselyn's Bicycle sponsored Alex Rousch who came in at 1.44'15".  Jamie Stamps (Another Bike Shop/Chain Gang Coach) was the top female racer on the day completing 5 laps in 2.04'40".  Congratulations also goes out to The Santa Cruz Chain Gang Race Team, who had 4 division winners overall, and to the Doug Chandler Performance Race Team, who had 3 division wins on the day!
2 2 2 2 2 2 2 xc 6 33.jpg
The CCCX Series final will take place this coming Sunday, June 27th at Ft. Ord.  Full CCCX Race info can be found at
Full Results Here:
Here is a list of all the division winners at the Father's Day Classic - CCCX XC #6
PRO/SEMI-PRO- Alex Work- HRS Rock Lobster
PRO/EXPERT WOMEN- Jamie Stamps- Another Bike Shop/Chain Gang Coach
EXPERT MEN 18 & under- Jacob Albrecht- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
EXPERT MEN 19-34- William Kemper- Cupertino
EXPERT MEN 35-44- Cesar Chavez-
EXPERT MEN 45-54- Courtney Grossman- VOS Racing
SPORT/JR MEN 18 & UNDER- Josh Krisman- Summit Bicycles
SPORT MEN 19-34- Jett Chandler- Doug Chandler Performance
SPORT MEN 35-44- Josh Dorris- Team norcal Bike spt
SPORT MEN 45-54- Michael Urbina- TeamWrongWay
SPORT MEN 55+- William Clevenger- Cupertino Bike Shop
CLYDESDALE- Alf Ebberoth- Seaside
SPORT SINGLE SPEED- Vincent Kurtis Brown- Bike Station Aptos
SPORT WOMEN 18 & under- Rainee Chandler- Doug Chandler Performance
SPORT WOMEN19-34- Carolyn Thompson- Velo Girls
SPORT WOMEN 45+- Janel Lodge- Blackmarket/Family Cycling
BEGINNING MEN 19-34- Ben Blakley- Pacific Grove
BEGINNER MEN 35-44- Cam Primavera- OTR/SCCC
BEGINNER MEN 45-54- Paul Robins- One Team Racing
BEGINNG MEN 55+- Jim Claflin- Chico
JR MEN 13 & under- Jacob Labosky- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
JR MEN 14-18- Chance Tiner- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
JR WOMEN 18 & under- Quincee Chandler- Doug Chandler Performance
BEGINNG WOMEN 19+- Michele Wilcox- SB Racing

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bike Monkey Announces Annadel XC

annadel.gifBike Monkey Productions has announced another race on their North Bay racing schedule - the long rumored Annadel XC:

On September 11th, 2010 organized mountain biking will return to Annadel State Park after a 24 year hiatus. This will come along with a unique multi-user outreach component of the event offering recreational activities for all users. It’s aim will be to highlight the importance of supporting California State Park infrastructure through funding, volunteerism and stewardship.

Details are slim at the moment, but we do know that it will take place in Annadel State Park (South of Santa Rosa on Hwy 12) on September 11th and 12th.

More info at Bike Monkey Magazine.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

2010 CCCX #6 Preview

Here is a satellite view of this Sunday's CCCX Race #6 course. The route is 5 miles in length and has 670 feet of climbing per lap. 3 laps: 9:00 am start, 4 laps: 11:00 am start, 5 laps: 1:00 pm start. The route is extremely fast, with most of the trails in Ft Ord hard packed and dry. The climbing is spread out evenly during the 5 mile route - you can see the elevation layout on the GARMIN totals below. There are some loose/sandy sections on few portions of trail, however most of the route is straight up fast and flowing. Happy Fathers Day!

crocc country course race #6.jpg


Friday, June 18, 2010

NorCal MTB Racing This Weekend: June 18-20, 2010

For those of you making your weekend plans, here is quick rundown of this weekend's MTB racing schedule for NorCal:

  1. TBF Friday Night MTB Series (Friday - TONIGHT): Second installment of Friday night racing at Folsom Lake.
  2. Humbug Hurry-Up (Saturday): Technically part of the OBRA schedule, this is the northern most race on the calendar  (Yreka, CA).
  3. CCCX XC (Sunday): Monterey/South Bay XC race. Course schedule and preview later tonight.
  4. Northstar DH Series (Sunday): The first DH race in Northstar at Tahoe's summer series.
  5. MCBC Fun Ride (Sunday): Fun ride (not race) to benefit the Marin County Bike Coalition.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MCBC Fun Ride This Sunday (6/20/10)


Although this is not a race (REPEAT: not a race), you should still think about heading out to Marin and supporting the Marin County Bike Coalition:

"MCBC Fun ride... like the early Grasshoppers. It's not a Grasshopper... it's a two-wheeled-locust."

It's like the Enduro, only shorter.  It's like a Grasshopper ride, only in Marin County.

1/3 road, 1/3 rocks and 1/3 dirt.


Self supported. 35-40 miles we're guessing. Bring sunscreen and a camera. Party at the finish.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 XTERRA Tahoe City

Just wanted to drop a note for those of you who like to MTB and run ...

XTERRA Tahoe City, June 26th. & FREE Race Clinic, by Jamie Whitmore, June 25th

The XTERRA Tahoe City is just around the corner.  The day before the race, Jamie Whitmore, World Champion Triathlete, will be hosting a free XTERRA Clinic starting at 6pm at the venue location.  This clinic will be catered to all levels, and will help prepare athletes for the next day's race.

XTERRA Tahoe City’s swim occurs in one of the clearest, cleanest, and deepest lakes in North America, Lake Tahoe. Depending on the lake level, the long course includes a 50 meter beach run. The openness of Lake Tahoe makes for a truly open water swim experience. Tahoe City is also home to some of the area’s most treasured mountain biking trails. The biking section starts with a strong climb, continuing on to take riders through fields of wildflowers, and breath taking sierra views. The trails are faster than they are rocky, but the climbs and elevation will test ones fitness level. The start and finish is at Commons Beach. There will be an after party so plan to have some fun after a hard day of racing.

For More Information and Registration visit

Sunday, June 13, 2010

2010 CCCX DH #4 Results

Alex Amaral (Point 1/Gamut) snapped off the fastest run at Sunday's CCCX DH race at Toro Park near Salinas. Many fans on course were astonished when Amaral came ripping through at his overall speed, and they could clearly see the Gilroy native had a good thing going. Fastest female on the day was Cathy Cheveron of Capitola. The top Junior rider was Robby McQuillan of Los Gatos. The course proved to be extra technical due to the super dry nature of the trails. Slick traction combined with tight corners and sweeping turns left riders fighting for grip when racing at full tilt.


Full Results are here -

Scott Mosher's Photos are here -

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

2010 Skyline Race Preview

This weekend is also the annual Skyline race in Napa, CA. The course  has hosted events such as the UCI World Cup and the Single Speed World Championships, this event has been designated by USA Cycling as the Northern California State Championship XC race and can qualify riders for the 2010 MTB Nationals in Granby, CO. Top 15 in each age group and category will be eligible to enter the National Championships in July. It is also part of the 2010 NorCal Series, sponsored by Giant Bicycles and Team Bigfoot.

According to organizers, "The course will be a challenge.  Lots of climbing , Lots of singletrack, technical drops, fast smooth singletrack, poison oak avoidance, and 'cliff' side trails.  The good riders will finish, the best will win and be crowned the State Champions for their efforts."

map to 2201 Imola Avenue, Napa, CA
The race is Sunday at Skyline Park (2201 Imola Avenue, Napa, CA 94558) and costs $40 for onsite registration.

2010 CCCX DH #4 Preview

Here's the preview for this weekend's CCCX DH race:

The course for race #4 will be very similar to Race #1 of the 2010 season.  The race route starts out with some super high speed fire road sections.  The trail then dips into some steep singletrack trails that have switch-backs and off camber portions that will really test tire traction and turning technique.  More singletrack trails take the riders to the finish line after 1.3 miles of course with nearly 1000 vertical feet descended.  For this race the traction is slick and the trails are extremely dry and hardpacked.  Tire choice and air pressure will be keys to success for this race.
toro dh.jpg

You can find more details at the newly created CCCX Race Blog -


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

HELP: GoldSprints Trailer Stolen

I'm poaching this story from the good people at Bike Monkey, but I hope they won't mind --

Just received a very sad note from Murphy Mack of West Coast Gold Sprints. Some time late last night his entire GoldSprints rig with all of his gear, bikes, audio systems, computer equipment (everything) was driven away with:

If you have a way of re-distributing the below message please do so right away…

Sometime between 8pm last night and 8am this morning my entire GoldSprints roller racing rig was stolen.

It was parked in a lot in a normally safe, patrolled, well lit area in an office park on the south side of Novato.

The thieves broke the substantial Masterlock brand tongue lock that was on the trailer, leaving only a bit of debris and a portion of the lock, they towed the entire thing away.

It is a PACE American 12′ dual axle white utility trailer with a side door and barn doors on the rear. I had just put a burly new Masterlock on the rear of the trailer as well.

All four of my gold metal flake Kreitler rollers with fork stands, the four wood stage decks, four Marin Ignacio black fixed gear bikes and four Globe Roll bikes were inside. They are unusual in that they all have 53 x 13 gearing and are brakeless fixed gear bikes.

My Mackie speakers and Mackie subwoofer as well as four bins of sound, video and computer cables were inside along with all my associated tools and hardware. A Rane brand mixer, 19″ LCD monitor, video projector and Globe banners as well. Two power drills and a red Craftsman toolbox full of hand tools.

If you spot the gold Kreitler rollers or fixed gear bikes with stupid tall gearing from Marin or Globe or any of the other items I’d love to hear about it as would a couple of local police agencies.

Via Entire GoldSprints Trailer Stolen « Bike Monkey Magazine. Please keep an eye out for this.

Friday, June 04, 2010

NorCal MTB Racing This Weekend: June 5-6, 2010

For those of you making your weekend plans, here is quick rundown of this weekend's MTB racing schedule for NorCal:

  1. Return On The Jedi (06/05/10)
  2. Tamarancho Dirt Classic (06/06/10)
  3. Peavine Challenge (06/06/10)

GoldSprints TONIGHT in North Bay

For those of you who haven't set your plans for TONIGHT, Murphy has a suggestion: GOLDSPRINTS

MCBC Goldsprints

This time I'm leveraging the AWESOME FUN POWER of GoldSprints Roller Racing to help the Marin County Bike Coalition.

To make the evening of racing, beer, music, heckling, food & fun EVEN BETTER I'm flying in H.R. Muff'N Stuff from LA... She's a singer and performer who will entertain you with songs about riding her bikes in the city and dropping the boys off the back. The Pedal Panties Girls are performing as well... so you don't want to miss this TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT PACKAGE!

DJ's spinning all night, more beer than even we can drink, hot food and PRIZES GALORE.

500m, 1000m, BEER SPRINTS, Catch-the-Bunny, Couples and Team Beer Sprints and more! Top prize is a beautiful brand new full carbon top-end Cannondale road frame and fork.  We've got Capo Forma gear, Sheila Moon gear and more.

Free bike parking, clean bathrooms and loads of cool people await you.  Racing starts at 7 and goes till the beer is gone or they kick us out.

Mike's Bikes is right off the 101 in San Rafael.

Spectating and heckling are free, racing is just $5 and it goes to support the MCBC, you can't do it better than that...

What else are you going to do this Friday night?  Go to some movie that will be playing for another month?  Go to some lame bar and see the same tired old faces?  Stay home and play the same hand of Scrabble?

These are always fun, if you've never been.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

CCCX XC & DH Date Changes

Some changes for the CCCX events:

Due to scheduling conflicts with other XC & DH races held in NorCal, the CCCX Series will be making two date switches for the upcoming CCCX events:

  • The CCCX XC race which was scheduled for Sunday, June 13 in Ft. Ord, will now be switched to Sunday, June 20 (at the same location, Ft. Ord).
  • The CCCX DH race that was scheduled on Sunday, June 20 at Toro Park, will now take place on Sunday, June 13 at Toro Park.

These date switches will now enable the CCCX XC racers to take part in other races such as Napa's Skyline XC RaceLake Sonoma XC SeriesSouth Valley Endurance Series.   The CCCX DH racers will now be able to make the NORTHSTAR DH event which was re-shuffled to June 20.  The CCCX DH Series will also have a few dates added for 2010 later in the year, to make up for the canceled DH event earlier in the year, and to extend the DH Series for 2010.  Thank you! to all the racers who support the CCCX DH & XC Series!


Here are the upcoming CCCX Races-

All CCCX Race Info Can Be Found at