Thursday, August 30, 2007

2007 Parkfield Classic Dates

This is just preliminary but it appears that we have some dates for this year's Parkfield Classic in San Luis Obispo:
Parkfield Classic Coming Oct 13 - 14 2007.
Stay tuned to this website, the official website of the Parkfield Classic Mountain Bike Race. Race information will be posted by August 25th, with sponsors and permit pending.
Sooo . . . they haven't made their deadline, but I am sure they are working hard.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2007 Prairie City Fall Flash Opener

The opening race for this year's Prairie City Fall Flash slipped by me last week. Results and photos have been posted over at the PCRS site.

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The second race is tonight near Folsom, CA.

2007 12 Hours of Humboldt

Results have been posted for last weekend's 12 Hours of Humboldt.

Congrats to solo winners Steven Westberg (men beginner), RUSS MCBRIDE (men sports), Jesse Palmer (men expert), Sean Allan (pro men), John Solomito (men's super masters), Glen Shook (men's super duper masters), Sage Tauber (beginner women), ELY RUSS (clydesdales) and John "Fuzzy" Mylne (singlespeed).

Sunday, August 26, 2007

August Lake Sonoma Series Results

I think that this post on says it all:
Back in the swing of things, the August 25th Lake Sonoma Series race is done and the turnout continues to increase. 54 racers kicked butt on the new firetrail grading and didn't shed a tear. And baby they loved the new bridge Dean Wallace built for 'em. Whooo!

Check out the results and pics!
It looks like they followed a usual 4.5 mile course for a few laps:

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The next race is the last Saturday in September (9/29).

Thursday, August 23, 2007

2007 VeloSwap SF Cancelled

VeloSwap SF, the yearly consumer bicycle and sports expo, has been cancelled in SF this year:
San Francisco VeloSwap
We are sorry to announce that the San Francisco VeloSwap has been canceled. We thank all vendors and consumers that have supported the event in the past.

No word as to why yet. VeloSwap Denver is still scheduled for October 27th.

Final 2007 Howarth Park Dirt Crit

Results and photos have been posted for the final Howarth Dirt Crit of 2007.


Congrats to Sean Archibald (Jrs), Lindsay Segbers (Women), Charlie Gesell (C), Riley Howard (B) and Chris Brown (A).

Above photo is courtesy of Carlos Perez.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

2007 Raggae Riding

Results have been posted for last weekend's Raggae Riding cross country race have been posted. It looks like they had a nice turnout up North.

Congratulations to Ryan Payton (Beginner Women 19-34), Kathy Fraser (Beginner Women 35-49), Latrell Wilson (Beginner Men 18-), Fraser McDonald (Beginner Men 19-34), Ivey Luna (Women Under-18), Amy Conway (Women 19-34), Mike Radenbaugh (Men Under-18), Starling Faraon (Men 19-34), Tyce Fraser (Sport Men 35+), Amon Pease (Pro Men / Intense) and Emma Worldpeace (Pro Women / Lost Coast Brewery).

Full results are available at the Raggae Riding blog and pictures are promised for later this week.

Howarth Park Dirt Crit Update

Series results for the weeknight Howarth Dirt Classic have been posted over at BikeMonkey.

Tonight is the series finale and most of the titles are up for grabs.

Northstar XC #7

The results for last week's Northstar cross country race (Northstar XC #7) are posted. It looks like the usual course (3 miles laps, ~700' climbing/lap) with a slight detour this week.


Congraulations to Kyle Christopherson (B17), Joey Griffo (JS), Bobbie Wilcox (FS), Alex Abbas (MB), Scott Vaughan (ME), Noah Hanagan (S13), Graeme Pitts (S17), Josh Smith (S26), Ben Fish (S34), Stephen Reitter (S44), Paul Zarubin (S54) and William Dunkum (S55).

2007 Northstar DH #3

The folks at Northstar have posted the results the third race in the downhill series.

It looks like Mike Hardrer won the Pro Men's and Tasa Herndon took the Female Open.

Congratulations to David Beress (B17), Ryan Hall (B24), John Ledbetter (B29), Christopher Stante (B39), Charlie Velez (B40+), Marcelo Villejas (E17), Daniel Nunes (E24), Mike Sylvestri (E26), Naomi Murray (E29), Graham Murray (E34), Matt Snyder (E44), Mark Audiffred (E45), Nova Hairston (F29), Buffy Lloyd (F30), Nathan Brown (S13), Chance Anderson (S17), Adam Sherman (S17), Joel Pitra (S26), Javier Bustamente (S34), Paul Brush (S44), Jim Wintermyer (S44), George Volinksy (S54) and William Dinkum (S55+).

dhRENO has the full race report on this one, along with a lot of pictures.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Interview with JHK

Sorry for the extended absence folks. I got food posioning last week and have had a sloooow recovery. I'll be back up to speed tomorrow and get caught up. In the meantime, here is an interesting bit over at Velonews talking with JHK about the MTB season.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

2007 Fall CCCX Downhill Series

-2.jpegThe fine folks over at CCCX have announced the dates for this year's Fall DH series.

Probably the most popular DH series in Northern California, the races are held again at Toro Park near Salina / Monterey and will be courses that vary from race to race. The courses are described as "Single-track, Fire Roads, Natural Obstacles, Technical Sections, Some routes may have Pedal Sections, The trails in this park have Steep Sections and lots of Elevation, Most trails will favor a Medium Range Bike and not a Ski Resort DH Rig. Routes will feature Fun DH riding and good overall practice for DH Fitness and Skills." There will be medals for top finishers in each group, money for top 3 fastest times each race and plaques for series winners (This is subject to change this series as they line up new sponsors).

The dates for the Fall series are:
Race #1 : September 16, 2007
Race #2 : October 7, 2007
Race #3 : October 28, 2007
Race #4 : November 4, 2007
Race #5 : November 25, 2007
Race #6 [Finals]: December 9, 2007
Check out the archives for details, pictures and course maps from last year's fall series and this past spring's series.

Event: CCCX DH
Location: Toro Park (Monterey, CA) [ MAP ]
Competition: DH
Cost: $35 ($25 juniors) + $6 park entry fee (per vehicle) (parking waived for racers)
Registration: race day onsite
License: none

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

2007 Caspar Classic

This year's Caspar Classic is scheduled for Sunday, September 2nd in Caspar, CA [MAP].

The race course will be 1/3 single track, 1/3 double track, and 1/3 dirt road. A seven mile loop will be ridden two times for beginning racers and four times for advanced riders. Registration opens at 9am and the race starts at 10am.
Event: Caspar Classic
Dates: September 2, 2007
Location: Caspar, CA [MAP]
Competition: XC
Cost: $25
URL: unknown (Rick Riley at (707) 964-5250 for details)
Registration: onsite
License: none

Monday, August 13, 2007

2007 Howell Mountain Challenge Results

The 2007 Howell Mountain Challenge results have been posted.

Congratulations to Michael Andres, who bested the Men's Pro field by 00:02:19, and Christy Murphy, who won the Women's Pro. Other winners:
Open Semi Pro Male : Jim Hewett
16&under Junior Expert Male : Devin Masterson
17-18 Junior Expert Male : Charlie Carrol
19-29 Expert Male : Brent Carkeet
30-39 Expert Male : Philip Hynes
40-49 Expert Male : James Coats
50-59 Expert Male : Rex Lierly
60+ Expert Male : Joseph Pritchard
19-29 Expert Female : Teshia Cordia
30-39 Expert Female : Sharon Hill
40-49 Expert Female : Deborah Levine
Open Pro Single Speed Male : Paul Janney
Open Expert Single Speed Male : Andrew Hall
Open Sport Single Speed Male : Allan Sherlock
14&under Junior Sport Male : Colby Pastore
15-16 Junior Sport Male : Matt Dion
17-18 Junior Sport Male : Marcelo Quiroz
19-29 Sport Male : Todd Stoehr
30-39 Sport Male : Erik Berggren
40-49 Sport Male : Tim Simanski
50-59 Sport Male : Scott Calley
60+ Sport Male : Glenn Moore
Open Clydesdale Male : Morgan Fletcher
14&under Junior Sport Female : Katherine Pollard
19-29 Sport Female : Shannon Sobeck
30-39 Sport Female : Andrea Reier
40-49 Sport Female : Elke MacGregor
50+ Sport Female : Penny Elliot
11-12 Junior Beginner Male : Nicholas Quiroz
13-14 Junior Beginner Male : Anthony Scheller
15-16 Junior Beginner Male : Tristan Cole
17-18 Junior Beginner Male : Ian Sterk
19-29 Beginner Male : Bruce Fowles
30-39 Beginner Male : John Clark
40-49 Beginner Male : Joe Miller
50-59 Beginner Male : Rick Gauld
19-29 Beginner Female : Mary Whitney
30-39 Beginner Female : Sara Desmond
40-49 Beginner Female : Lisa Johnson

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Northstar XC #6

The folks over at Northstar have posted results from the latest MTB cross country race (Northstar XC #6 results). The same spreadsheet also has the cumulative series rankings.

Congratulations to Trevor DeRuise (B17), Sarah McMahan (FE), Emma Garrard (FS), Joey Griffo (JE), Eddie McDonald (MB), Scott Vaughan (ME), Graeme Pitts (S17), Tyler Green (S26), John Wilson (S34), Stephen Reitter (S44), Christopher Holmes (S54) and Jack Taylor (S55).

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

NORBA Sugar Mountain Video

Some videos from last week's NORBA Sugar Mountain stop have been posted over on YouTube. This is the Men's Pro XC:

It looks like quite a few of the events have video. To see the others, try this URL.

Monday, August 06, 2007

First Round of 2007 KOM

The first round of the made for TV Jeep King of the Mountain dual slalom type races were held in Park City, Utah this weekend. According to the press release: "In the men’s competition, Prokop began the day with a crisp sweep of Australia’s Wade Bootes to reach the semifinals. There he met up with Cody Warren of Alpine, Calif., who he dispatched in consecutive races to earn a spot in the Championship Heat. The surprise of the day may have been Warren’s effort to reach the semifinals, including a crash induced, time differential victory over Laguna Beach, Calif.’s Brian Lopes, the top racer in the world. On the other side of the bracket, Australia’s Jared Graves was equally as dominant in the early rounds, first defeating open qualifier Chris Van Dine of Park City, before blasting past Eric Carter. In the Championship Heat, Graves shocked Prokop with a flawless run, just crossing the finish line ahead of the defending champion. In the second race, however, Prokop displayed his brilliance and charged hard to make up the time differential and grab the title. Carter edged out Warren in the Consolation Heat to capture third place in the standings.

In the women’s competition, Kintner came out of the gates on fire. In the first two rounds, both sweeps, she topped South African Joanna Petterson of Kauai, Hawaii and Denmark’s Anneke Beerten to reach the finals. Melissa Buhl of Chandler, Ariz. was putting on her own display, with a two-race victory over open qualifier Gale Dahlager of Park City before a difficult semifinal match-up against Tara Llanes, of Los Alamitos, Calif. Llanes captured the first race in stunning form before suffering a particularly bad fall into the rocks lining the racecourse in the second heat. Buhl advanced to the Championship Heat, but was no match for Kintner, who claimed the title. Beerten held on for third place in the Consolation Heat despite a heroic performance by the injured Llanes, which was noted by an ovation from the crowd in attendance.

Men’s Standings
1. Michal Prokop (Czech)
2. Jared Graves (Australia)
3. Eric Carter (Temecula, Ca)
4. Cody Warren (Alpine, Ca)

Women’s Standings
1. Jill Kintner (Seattle, WA)
2. Melissa Buhl (Chandler, AZ)
3. Anneke Beerten (Denmark)
4. Tara Llanes (Los Alamitos, CA)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Northstar XC #5

More fun with Northstar results today. The current series points and results for Northstar XC #5 have been posted (XLS format).

Congratulations to :
Men Expert: Fifield, Scott
Women's Expert: McMahan, Sarah
Sport (25-44): Reitter, Stephen
Sport (17-): Pitts, Graeme
Sport (27-34): Joem, Kevin
Sport (18-26): Smith, Josh
Women's Sport: Griffo, Dani
Men's Beginner: Bornino, Chad
Sport (55+): Dunkum, William
Sport (45-54): Zarubin, Paul
Junior Expert: Griffo, Joey

Friday, August 03, 2007

Reggae Riding Set For August 19th

Reggae Riding, a fundraiser for Team Lost Coast Brewery, the South Fork High School MTB Team, and many other non-profit community organizations, will be held in Southern Humboldt County (Garberville, CA) on August 19th.

The mountain biking festival will feature races for all ages and abilities (on a fun, fast, singletrack 3 mile course), on-site camping, skills clinics, kid's races, a bike swap, vendors, food and drinks, awesome prizes, a beer garden featuring Lost Coast Brewery brews, and LIVE Reggae Music! The NPK, Rootstock, and Ishi Dube will be headlining at this fun, family-friendly, inaugural event.

The XC race course is a short, twisty, and mostly flat course. There is only one significant climb of about 100 feet. Super fun, lots of lines for passing, about 70% singletrack in and out of the woods and up and down the creek bed. Great course for beginners or a fast, circuit like race for advanced riders. Lots of spectating opportunities on the 3 mile loop. Beginners will race 3 laps, Sport 5 laps and Experts 8 laps.
Event: Raggae Riding
Dates: August 19th, 2007
Location: Southern Humboldt Community Park [ MAP ]
Competition: XC
Cost: $30 ($15/juniors)
Registration: onsite
License: None

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Date Changes for Lake Sonoma Series

A few minor date changes have been announced for the Lake Sonoma Series (the successor to the old Billy Cross Races). While the August edition will go happen on schedule (after skipping this month due to the heat), the September and October races will be moved back a week. Here are the final three race dates for the series:
  • August 25th
  • September 29th (delayed)
  • November 3rd (delayed)
The organizers have also announced that they have a new "tag-team category" so bring a friend.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bigfoot Classic Results

I'm a little late on these, but this year's Bigfoot Classic XC, DH and SuperD results have been posted. Photos are available at I am not going to comment on the Unicycle results in the DH race :>

Congratulations to the following winners:
Beginner Senior 25-29 Casaurang Danny
Beginner Master 30-34 Wells Keith
Beginner Master 40-44 Morrison Troy
Beginner Master 45-49 Payne Robert
Beginner Master 50-54 Clemente Ron
Beginner Clydesdale 34- Rose Steve
Sport Senior 19-24 Camper Eddie
Sport Senior 25-29 Brashear Rocky
Sport Master 30-34 Torres Carlos
Sport Master 35-39 Kelly Steve
Sport Master 40-44 Thomason Scott
Sport Master 45-49 Jacinto Richard
Sport Master 55-59 Kluck Larry
Sport Master 60-64 Minton Charles
Sport Master 65+ Robinson Russ
Sport Clydesdale 34- New Jesse
Expert Senior 19-24 Graves Justin
Expert Senior 25-29 Ellis Seth
Expert Master 30-34 McNaughton Danny
Expert Master 35-39 Surges Bill
Expert Master 40-44 Rouch Alexander
Expert Master 45-49 Simpson Mike
Expert Master 50-54 Wykle Tim
Semi-Pro 1-99 Brown Chris
Pro 1-99 Astell Brian

Beginner Master 40-49 Ashley Lena
Sport Senior 19-29 Monroe Michelle
Sport Master 30-39 Leon Rita
Sport Master 40-49 Martel Melissa
Sport Master 50-99 Hodgson Daphne
Expert Senior 19-29 Worldpeace Emma
Expert Singlespeed Wilder Dez
Sport Singlespeed Beaver Ben

Pro/Semi-Pro Men Olson Nick 9
Expert Men Jr. 18 & Under Adams Taylor
Expert Men Senior 19-29 Weidenkeller Erich
Expert Men Veteran 30-39 Delong Jared
Expert Men Master 40-49 Frame David 1
Sport Men Jr. 18 & Under Rossow Nick
Sport Men Senior 19-29 Graves Joel 104
Sport Men Veteran 30-39 Wilson Paul
Beginner Men Jr. 18 & Under Hoeft Austin
Beginner Men Senior 18-29 Briseno Joel
Beginner Men Master 40-49 Williams Ray
Expert Women Senior 19-29 Hairston Nova
Expert Women Veteran 30-39 Ross Sandra
Sport Women Veteran 30-39 Vitale Deborah
Unicycle Men Kennedy Chris 300

24 Hour MTB US Champions

The results are in for this year's USA Cycling 24 Hour Mountain Bike National Championships. The men's solo category was won by Chris Eatough (Baldwin, Md./Trek-VW) for the fourth year in a row and Pua Sawicki (Mililani, Hawaii/Team Ergon-Ellsworth) brought home the gold for the women.

Men’s Solo
1. Chris Eatough (Baldwin, Md.)
2. Nat Ross (Golden, Colo.)
3. Mark Hendershot (Grand Rapids, Mich.)

Women’s Solo
1. Pua Sawicki (Mililani, Hawaii)
2. Rebecca Rusch (Ketchum, Idaho)
3. Danielle Musto (Grand Rapids, Mich.)