Friday, February 03, 2006

Velo Promo Schedules Races

Velo Promo, host of several Calaveras County biking events, has tentatively announced two mountain bike races for the 2006 season:
  • Iron Angels Mountain Bike Race (3/05/06)
  • Glory Hole MTB Race (4/23/06)
Both races will be held in Angel's Camp, California [ MAP ] which is south of Sacramento and East of the Bay Area. Both races appear to be XC affairs operating under NORBA sanctioning. I'll post more info as it becomes available.

UPDATE (2/23/06): The Iron Angels race has been cancelled !
UPDATE (04/18/06): The Iron Angels / Glory Hole race have been combined and scheduled for 4/23/06.


rocdog said...

Any updates for the 4/23 race..glory hole?

/k said...

I've contacted them via email, but I haven't heard anything . . . I'm a little concerned because the first race (Iron Angels) got cancelled at the last minute. I'll make sure that we get something posted on Monday or Tuesday as to the status, even if I have to call them up.

/k said...

The 4/23 Iron Angels (the moved Glory Hole race) is on. See for details.