Sunday, February 12, 2006

Way NorCal: Humbug Hurry-Up

From the Yreka, CA, a town so far north it is almost Oregon, comes the 2006 Humbug Hurry-Up. Scheduled for Sunday, June 4th, the race will be held in Greenhorn Park just west of town. The course is described as "2000 feet of climbing per lap" with "each lap is 12 miles long with 65% of the course being singletrack on a north sloped forest." Riders will do one to two laps depending on their category.
Event: Humbug Hurry-Up
Dates: June 4th, 2006
Location: Yreka, CA
Competition: XC
Cost: $25 Beginner, $30 Sport & Expert, $5 late fee
Registration: No online. Register day before race at the park.
License: NORBA
UPDATE (05/22/06): There is online registration here. They have also changed their licensing to ORBA from NORBA.
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