Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Folding Mountain Bike Announced

For those of you who travel quite a bit, Blue Collar Mountain Biking has an announcement that might be of interest to you. Slingshot, maker of interesting bike frames, has announced a folding mountain bike dubbed the Slingshot Fold-Tech MTB.

At the heart of bike remains the famous SPT (Sling Power Technology) – an energy returning system which utilizes a composite flex board, stainless cable down tube and spring to provide the rider with un-matched performance and comfort. On the patented Fold-Tech MTB, a quick release “grenade pin” allows the cable to be removed – and prepares the bike for final folding. The frames pivot style collar sits over the seat tube – and upon removal of just one bolt – the collar (and attached front end of the bike) can swivel around itself into the compact folded position.

Consumers can select from four standard Fold-Tech stock bike kits – or request a custom parts build kit which will better suit rider preference. “The Fold-Tech frame remains the same regardless of the parts kit used to build the bike” said Joppe. “Our complete bike price range is $1,150 for our novice build – to $4,100 for our high-performance pro build. This allows the user to advance as a rider – giving the flexibility to upgrade parts as needed, without having to replace the frame”.

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