Friday, September 21, 2007

2007 Parkfield Classic

The details (and website) are all finished for this year's Parkfield Classic down near Paso Robles (actually Parkfield, CA) on October 13th - 14th:
Parkfield Classic 2007 Mountain Bike Race by Cal Poly Wheelmen: "This year's Parkfield Classic will have

Cross Country (Saturday Morning): A point to point XC race covering 9 miles (Beginner), 15 miles (Sport) or 24 miles (Pro/Expert).

Dual Slalom (Saturday Afternoon): Head to head races on separate courses join in the middle for lots of spectator friendly action and a new triple right after the first conjoined turn.

Short Track (Sunday Morning): 50/50 technical singletrack and fire road passing sections.

Downhill (Sunday Morning/Afternoon):Single Run format with Bypass options are given for most obstacles. Expert course different than Sport course.
We also have some coverage of last year's race in the archives.

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