Sunday, November 23, 2008

SSWC09 1×1 Film Festival

If you heading out to Durango for next year's SSWC and a budding director, you might want to take note of this:
"We are now accepting singlespeed only videos to be shown throughout the weekend. Two movie nights will showcase the sweetness that we receive. The deadline for the films to be received is June 7th of 2009, so send a scratched dvd or a flawless VHS to Passion Productions 1×1 at 135 E. 13th street, Durango, Colorado 81301. The content of the films can be anything sweetly singlespeed. 7 minutes or under is preferred, but sweetness has no time limit, so keep it real. This will be an audience judged thing and the winner will win something from our future pile of good bike, or beer stuff."
Via SSWC09 1×1 Film Festival « SingleSpeed World Championships Durango 2009

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