Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Redding Bike Park

It looks like Redding, CA may be on their way to getting their own bike park:
We have blessings from the City to get started with the planning phase. Unfortunately, in the current economy all they can offer is blessings, so we're applying for grants and working hard to get donations. And since we're now a 510c3 nonprofit, you can now donate via Paypal at the website above (here). The city can't help us with anything so we will have to find the money to pay for everything starting from the environmental review, through permits, construction, you name it.

The site is flat with a slight slope in one direction. It will have a start hill, sets of dirt jumps of all sizes, a more freeride oriented section, and some singletrack with lots of technical trail features. It will also connect to the Sacramento River Trail via the new bike path they are building from Hilltop to Turtle Bay.
Via Redding Bike Park. This park would join the already popular parks at Northstar, Folsom and Fresno.

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