Sunday, April 18, 2010

2010 Northstar At Tahoe Race Schedule

538399E3-70AA-4C47-9D63-A485A16ECD49.jpgNorthstar at Tahoe has released their 2010 MTB racing schedule this week. As in past years, they will have three racing series:Here are all the race dates, in order:
06/13/10: Northstar DH Series
07/01/10: Northstar XC Series
07/08/10: Northstar XC Series
07/15/10: Northstar XC Series
07/22/10: Northstar XC Series
07/23/10: Northstar Super D Series
07/25/10: Northstar DH Series
07/29/10: Northstar XC Series
08/08/10: Northstar DH Series
08/12/10: Northstar XC Series
08/19/10: Northstar XC Series
08/26/10: Northstar XC Series
08/27/10: Northstar Super D Series
08/29/10: Northstar DH Series (LiveWire Classic)
09/17/10: Northstar Super D Series
09/19/10: Northstar DH Series
10/02/10: Race For Tara 4
For more information on these races, look in the archives for past year's coverage.

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