Monday, May 17, 2010

2010 CCCX XC #5 Results

2010-05-16-1310.jpgLooks like it was a difficult loop of 5.5 miles with over 600 feet of climbing per lap.  So the Pro/Experts logged around 3000+ climbing during their 28 mile race.  Menso de Jong (Santa Cruz Bikes) was the Pro Expert winner.  Female winners on the day were Carolyn Thompson (Velo Girls), Livia Peras of Santa Cruz, Janel Lodge (Black Market-Family Cycling), Anna Eyre of Daley City.

A full list of the winners:

PRO/SEMI-PRO- Menso de Jong- Santa Cruz Bikes
EXPERT MEN 35-44- Brian Butler- SB Racing
EXPERT MEN 45-54- Mark Howland- Black market -Family Cycling Center
EXPERT 55+- Bob Blanter- Bikes 4 Life
SPORT/JR MEN 18 & UNDER- Alphonse Le-Duc- San Jose
SPORT MEN 19-34- Christopher Kelly- Oakland
SPORT MEN 35-44- Bill Dean- NPS
SPORT MEN 45-54- Michael Urbina- Team Wrong Way
SPORT MEN 55+- Jeff Townsend- Plus 3
SPORT SINGLE SPEED- John Lukasko- Bike Station Aptos/WTB
SPORT WOMEN19-34- Carolyn Thompson- Velo Girls
SPORT WOMEN 35-44- Livia Peras- Santa Cruz
SPORT WOMEN 45+- Janel Lodge- Blackmarket/Family Cycling
BEG MEN 19-34- Ben Blakley- Pacific Grove
BEG MEN 35-44- Kris Cowdrey- Joselyns
BEG MEN 45-54- Steve Anderson- NOAA
BEG MEN 55+- Jim Claflin- Chico
JR MEN 13 & under- Jacob Labosky- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
JR MEN 14-18- Wesley Barnes- The GI Jane Experience
BEG WOMEN 19+- Anna Eyre- Daly City

Full Results are available here: Photo(s) courtesy of Scott Mosher Photography (many, many more available)

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