Monday, July 05, 2010

2010 CCCX Cross Country Series Champions Crowned In Monterey

After seven races, starting in February and finishing at the end of June, the 2010 CCCX XC Series Champions were awarded last weekend in Monterey.  Over 525 different riders participated in the 2010 version of CCCX XC, demonstrating a healthy race scene in and around the Central Coast of NorCal. Twenty-seven division champions were crowned in Monterey and here is a list of the best & most consistent CCCX XC racers for 2010 - Congratulations all CCCX XC Division Champions!

  • PRO/SEMI-PRO- Alex Work- HRS Rock Lobster
  • PRO/EXPERT WOMEN- Jamie Stamps- Another Bike Shop
  • EXPERT MEN under 18- Jacob Albrecht- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
  • PRO/EXPERT SINGLE SPEED- Steve Kelley- SB Racing
  • EXPERT MEN 19-34- Brian Butler- SBC Racing
  • EXPERT MEN 35-44- Alex Rouch- Joselyns/Palantir
  • EXPERT MEN 45-54- Courtney Grossman- VOS Racing
  • EXPERT 55+- Richard Latorraca- Santa Cruz Bicycles
  • SPORT/JR MEN UNDER 18- Josh Krisman- Summit Bicycles
  • SPORT MEN 19-34- Alex Kramer- South Bay Tools
  • SPORT MEN 35-44- Stu Maclennan- San Jose
  • SPORT MEN 45-54- Michael Urbina- TeamWrongWay
  • SPORT MEN 55+- William Clevenger- Cupertino Bike Shop
  • CLYDESDALE- Wade Hall- Los Gatos Bike Racing Club
  • SPORT SINGLE SPEED- Vincent Brown- Bike Station Aptos
  • SPORT WOMEN under 18- Rainee Chandler- DC 10
  • SPORT WOMEN19-34- Brianne Spiersch- SB Racing
  • SPORT WOMEN 35-44- Shiloh Ballard- San Jose
  • SPORT WOMEN 45+- Becky Brain- Pleasant Hill Cyclery
  • BEGINNING MEN 19-34- Ben Blakley- Pacific Grove
  • BEGINNER MEN 35-44- Kris Cowdrey- Joselyns
  • BEGINNER MEN 45-54- Daniel Russ- Aptos
  • BEGINNG MEN 55+- Jim Claflin- Chico
  • JR MEN under 13- Jacob Labosky- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
  • JR MEN 14-18- Chance Tiner- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
  • JR WOMEN- 18- Maddie Ortenblad- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
  • BEGINNG WOMEN 19+- Michele Wilcox- SB Racing

Full List Of 2010 CCCX XC Series Points Here

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