Friday, November 05, 2010

2010 CCCX DH #5 Preview

Here's a preview of Sunday's CCCX DH #5, which is the continuation of the downhill series from earlier this year:

This Sunday's Downhill event at Toro Park will be using the Center Canyon Course, which is the race route that was created specifically for the CCCX DH races.  This course is always ripping, fast, and fun! There is a mix of berms, off camber trails, small drop-in sections, and some natural jumps and rollers to keep things interesting.  Traction has been super dry and slick toward the top of the course, but in the trees toward the lower canyon sections the dirt is grippy and in perfect shape.  A little rain will only make this course better, because it has been overly dry at Toro Park recently. Practice is available on Saturday & Sunday, with racing starting at 12 noon.


All information on the racing plus current point totals for the 2010 season have been updated on the web site.  Rick Rasmusen is scheduled to make a appearance to shoot his awesome photos, and there will be some video footage of the racing and practice session that will be recorded.

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