Friday, January 07, 2011

Boggs 6 Registration Open


... in about 1 hour ...

We’ll be running a classic MTB XC team relay-style event at a 3500 acre swath of pine forest known as the Boggs State Demonstration Forest, about 2 hours north of SF Bay.

Registration Nation! Oh right, the reason you’ve actually opened this email. Registration will open at 9:00 AM PST on January 7th, 2011. That’s this Friday. Not unlike a Harry Potter movie or an iWhatever product release, our fans have already begun camping out at our stoop, despite regular police patrols, pepper spray, and heavy doors that unexpectedly swing out. The rest of you may want to go over to to register. It’s a simple process and will cost you $75 bucks, for which you get a meal, a t-shirt, and the chance to look sunken-eyed after a day on the course. This event has sold out every year, despite raising the rider limit time and again, so get quick or get left behind.

Via Boggs Baby at Bike Monkey.


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