Friday, August 05, 2011

Team Bigfoot Announces Two Kirkwood Events

Team Bigfoot has announced two racing events at Kirkwood this month. The first event will feature several races:

  • SUPER-D: Friday, August 19, 3:00pm. This relatively new form of racing is defined as a predominantly downhill mountain bike race with a finish at a lower elevation from the start, but with a climb or two on the way. Kirkwood is especially suited for Super-D; it has the perfect terrain and trails and also has ski-lifts to hoist the riders and their bikes to the top of the course.  This year’s event will be on a new 6-mile course—nearly double the distance of last year! In this event each rides starts individually for a timed run against the clock.
  • CROSS COUNTRY: Saturday, August 20, 9:00am (Beginner and Intermediate), 1:00pm (Expert and Pro). This is the type of mountain bike racing featured in the Olympics. At Kirkwood it will be mass starts on a 6 mile course that has all the elements that racers love; plenty of single-track, fire-road climbs, some short steep sections, some technical tests of skill and of course—fantastic and beautiful views along the way. Beginner riders will do one lap, intermediates do two and the expert and pro riders are scheduled for three laps.
  • HUFFY TOSS: Saturday, August 20, after the Cross-Country. This silly diversion will end the day on Saturday right after the Cross-Country awards. Using the UHTI (Union Huffy Toss Inernationale) rules a case of microbrew will be awarded to tosser who earns the most points for flinging a Huffy bicycle. Points are awarded for distance, for making the bike cartwheel or barrel roll and for thenumber of parts jettisoned on a single toss. Winner takes home theremaining bicycle debris plus a case of brew. The full UHTI rules can be found at
  • SIX HOURS OF KIRKWOOD SUPER-D: Sunday, August 21, 10:00am to 4:00pm. Last year this was Team Bigfoot’s most popular Kirkwood event. The format for this unique event is simple: How many runs of the 6-mile long Super-D course can a rider do between 10:00am and 4:00pm?  There’s a new longer course this year that begins at the top of Kirkwood’s chair 6. It drops nearly 2000 feet by way of the Sentinels Trail, the Dangberg Trail and the new Roby Wolfe Trail. The event offers categories for all ages and abilities. It is sponsored by the Tahoe bicycle shop “Wattabike,” who is putting up a pair of $250 gift certificates to be awarded to the man and the woman who completes the most runs.

The second event will center on the endurance races:

  • MTBR KIRKWOOD NINE TO FIVE /  MTBR 24 HOURS OF KIRKWOOD: Saturday and Sunday August 27 and 28. are for the endurance racers, with the Kirkwood Nine to Five, an eight hour race taking place from 9:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday, and the 24 Hours of Kirkwood, which goes from 9:00am Saturday to 9:00am Sunday. The format is simple, solo riders or relay teams race for eight or twenty-four hours on a 6-mile course. There are several categories based on age and ability. The Pro purse for the men AND the women will be a guaranteed $250 (or 100% pay-back of entry fees, whichever is greater.) WINNER-TAKE-ALL.

For information and on-line registration visit


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