Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011 Parkfield Classic

Okay, I am a bit late on this one but it is well worth heading down to SLO:

The 2011 Parkfield Classic will be held October 1 and 2, 2011 in Parkfield, CA (directions). The annual two day event will feature:

  • Cross Country - Saturday Morning 8am - Cross Country - Burly, lung busting, screaming fire-road course mixed in with some sweet singletrack. We're sending people off at 8:00 AM again this year. Distances: Beginner: 9 miles, Sport: 15 miles, Pro/Expert: 24 miles.
  • Dual Slalom - Saturday Afternoon 12pm Dual Slalom Qualifiers and Head to Head races. This year's DS is the same fierce course as last year keeping riders fighting for the win all the way down the hill. You can see more pictures of the new slalom course here!
  • Observed Trials - Saturday Evening 6pm Observed Trials Demo-Brand new to the Parkfield Classic, we will be having an unofficial observed trials competition and demonstration this year. Come show off your precision riding skills on this awesome course. Several sections will be offered, each with a beginner and advanced line. Judging will be done by your fellow riders. Rules on bike setup will be relaxed, so mods and stocks will compete together.
  • Short Track - Sunday Morning8am Short Track Cross Country-this year's course will be the same as last year's combining blazingly fast singletrack with some interesting technical sections, brute strength and skill rolled in to one race.
  • Downhill - Sunday Morning/AfternoonDownhill Practice: Crack-o-Dawn to 10:30am11 am Downhill - Sweet Glorious Single Track. What else can you say.Single Run format. Bypass options are given for most obstacles. Expert course different than Sport course. Riders are encouraged to wear protective gear as necessary. All riders must ride within safe limits! We'll be wrapped up with DH by 3, so that folks with a long drive ahead stay safe.

More details at http://cpslowheelmen.org/parkfield/Parkfield.html

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