Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SportsBase Online Closes

SportsBase Online, popular event registration, closes up shop ... I don't believe this affects any of our local MTB races:

One of the western United States’ leading event registration companies, SportsBase Online, closed up shop over the weekend — leaving numerous promoters empty handed long after their events concluded.

On Monday, SportsBase Online (SBO) issued a short statement apologizing to event promoters, but informing them that payment for the thousands of registrations the company has processed over the past few months would not happen.

“We regret to inform you that due to financial reasons Sports Marketing Concepts, Inc. DBA SportsBaseOnline will be dissolving as of October 15, 2011 and is ceasing operations,” the statement said. “We have explored every option to avoid this outcome to no avail. There are no funds available and no tangible or other assets owned by the corporation that could be monetized to make restitution or pay claims.

SBO sent another email Wednesday afternoon saying that at least some payments would be made soon.

The Northern California Nevada Cycling Association and Utah Cycling Association were each hit especially hard. Bill Nicely, NCNCA president, said in a statement to the SBO situation will put the hurt on local promoters. Nicely’s statement was released prior to the Wednesday email from SBO.

“This affected all races from Giro (de San Francisco on Sept. 5) forward on SBO. About 65k in reg fees as a loss in total. The BOD is deeply saddened by this loss and we are grateful to USAC for their participation in lessening the burden to our affected promoters.”

Via UPDATED: SBO shut down rattles promoters, owner promises to repay debts


UPDATE: this is SportsBase Online, NOT Sportsbasement as the headline typo originally said. Apologies to SportsBasement Online for the error.

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Great stuff guys...hopefully I can make it out to CA from CO and ride your resorts!

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