Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 CCCX XC Schedule

The 2012 schedule for the Monterey-based CCCX cross country series has been posted:
02/04/12: CCCX XC (Fort Ord)
02/25/12: CCCX XC (Fort Ord)
03/10/12: CCCX XC (Fort Ord)
03/24/12: CCCX XC (Toro Park)
04/07/12: CCCX XC (Toro Park)
05/27/12: CCCX XC (Fort Ord)
06/23/12: CCCX XC (Toro Park)
07/07/12: CCCX XC Finale (Fort Ord)
You can see past CCCX XC series coverage in the archives.
Thanks to Richard for the heads up.

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