Wednesday, September 13, 2006

2006 Whiskeytown Classic (Update 2)

It looks like Team Bigfoot has rerouted the course for next weekend's Whiskeytown Classic:
WE'VE CHANGED THE COURSE! Ignore the map that's on the entry form...that's last year's course. While that course was great, some folks didn't care for the loose sections of "Taco Stand," or the berry vines, or the poison oak (which was only a factor if you went off course...but hey.) Sooo, here's the new map of a more fun 9.7 mile per lap course. It's still one lap for beginners, two for sports, three for experts/semi-pros/pros.
The new course map is below (from the Team Bigfoot site):
Registration is open over at the registration site. For more details on the race, see our previous update.

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