Friday, June 22, 2007

CCCX DH #6 Preview

Some updates for this weekend's CCCX DH race:
The CCCX Series will be working a fund raiser/raffle for Todd Cannatelli (Moorewood Bikes/Monster) during the final 2 races. Cannatelli, who has provided Monster drinks to all racers at the CCCX events, went down in a serious accident at the New Mexico National race, and the CCCX series will host a raffle in his benefit at the final race. Tickets can be purchased and donations can be made at registration during the final 2 races.

There will also be a new Chainless division at the final races, and a Pixie Bike division for any racers interested. Chainless race will be a DH run with your chain removed or zip tied to the frame so there is no pedaling involved- ONLY COASTING. Pixie bikes are the mini bicycles. Medals will be awarded to top placing in these divisions.

The race route for DH #6 has been selected and it is a new trail that has never been used for a CCCX DH event. The trail starts off with side hill sections that feature loose and off camber turns. The trails then flows into a single track trail where there are bermed turns and the speed can be high. This route will be a solid test of DH skills and aggressiveness. The course will start and finish in a different area of the park then past races, but the parking and registration will be is similar place.
See the full details at the CCCX DH page.

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