Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cougar Mountain DH Update

The folks at RideSFO (who run the CHDH series) are helping to design this year's downhill for the Cougar Mountain Classic. From their email:
Infineon knows that the race hasn't been the greatest in the past but they are committed to make every improvement and it starts with the course. This year, a group of local riders, rideSFO, and Infineon have teamed up to create a fast, flowy, fun and challenging DH course. We’ve maintained the basic skeleton of the past years course, but it will be well groomed before Thursday’s practice runs. We are going to try our best to make the course as solid as it can be ..... We’ve also made sure to minimize any flatter pedal sections, and increase the flow of the course as much as possible. The course remains technical, but the fun factor has been dialed up considerably.

The course will sport new sculpted berms down steep terrain, techy off-camber sections, and an all new jump line for riders and spectators alike, that snakes from the finish of the original course downhill into the paddock where you’ll demonstrate your air skills and cornering ability for your family and friends just before crossing the finish line. We want you to come off the mountain with a smile on your face.

For more info check out .... Lets keep another local DH race .
This can be only be good.

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