Thursday, March 20, 2008

CCCX DH #2 Preview

This Saturday brings the next CCCX Downhill race in Toro Park near Monterey, CA. Here's a preview of the course:
DH #2 Course Profile
Downhill racing action returns to Toro Park with a course that will feature fast fire roads, some railing berms, a few tricky off camber steep sections, and lots of fast flowing single track trails. This day before Easter race will take place on a trail that is 1.8 miles long and drops 1000 feet in elevation. As usual, the course will test a riders strength as well as DH speed and DH skills. The route has seen lots of trail work over the past few weeks and will be a great opportunity to practice your DH racing tactics.
Check back tomorrow, I'll try and post my video from one of the last races.

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