Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pre-registration Last Day for Big Sandy

tee.jpgTomorrow is the last day to pre-register for next weekend's Big Sandy race. If you a lazy-ass like me and think there's no reason to click over, you'd be wrong. Pre-regs get a free t-shirt (depicted on the right):
Nothing better than a free T shirt. it has so many uses. Like a seat cover for a pre-68 vw beetle, an emergency dress shirt for the trunk in case of job interview or cut the sleeves for a free all-day Gun Show. And don't forget what wearing a Big Sandy Race shirt says about you.
"Yeah, I race mountain bikes, even though I spend more time at Home Depot."
"I don't buy my clothes at the mall, I shop at bike shops."
"I eat right all week and go to bed at 9:00 pm before race day and still come in DFL."
"My wife has no say in what I wear."
"I won a medal too, but I feel like a tool when I wear it to Starbucks."
"I registered early and race promoters love me."
The Big Sandy race is a 15 mile point to point XC race that will be held April 6th, 2008 near Auberry, CA.

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