Friday, April 11, 2008

CCCX DH #3 Preview

1dh2me.jpgIt's a Pre-Sea Otter CCCX DH this weekend. Here's the course previews:
The race route for the CCCX DH #3 will be extremely fast with many open sections that allow riders to hit very high speeds. The trail then turns into many switch-back and off-camber sections where tire choice and air pressure will determine hook up ability on the loose and dry dirt in the turns. Following the switch-back sections is some railing fast single-track that leads toward the finish area. With out any significant rainfall the trails are dry and slick, which makes for some great flat track style turns where drifting and sliding the bike will come into play. The Sea Otter Classic is one week after this Toro DH and there are reports of a certain current UCI World Champion DH rider in town for the Sea Otter event that will be taking part in CCCX DH #3. The track looks to be very fun and challenging to ride and should make for some exciting racing for all who compete.
Rumors are that some of the Pro teams in town for Sea Otter may be coming out to participate.

For those of you who haven't been down to the coast for this race series before, you can find the details on the race at MTB Calendar or the CCCX DH website.

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