Friday, April 11, 2008

Napa Valley Dirt Classic Preview

NVDC201.gifIt looks like the NVDC got some local newspaper love this week:
"The 15th annual Napa Valley Dirt Classic bike race takes place in Angwin on April 13.

This 22-mile circuit at 1,667 feet elevation began as the ‘Romp Stomper’ and became the Dirt Classic 15 years ago, in 1994. The race is a part of the 2008 NorCal Mountain Bike State Championship Series and is open to riders of all levels. It takes place on trails on Pacific Union College property, and funds raised from the event benefit PUC recreational projects." (Via Sports Capsule: Napa Valley wrestlers place in meet | Napa Valley Register)
Not bad press, considering most papers avoid any bicycling news not involving Lance like the plague. Anyway, The Dirt Classic is Sunday up in the Napa / North Bay (Angwin to be exact) and is the yearly kickoff for the Big Event / Non-Series races in the Bay Area. It's a cool course that can be a bit challenging (if you miss this, Howell Mountain in the summer is a similar course of the same site). See full details at MTB Calendar or peruse the archives for previous year's race results.

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Anonymous said...

This year's race was an absolute EPIC MUDFEST!!! Steady to heavy rain and temps in the low 40s made for especially challenging conditions. Anybody who finished this one deserves a ton of kudos. They don't get any muddier than that!