Thursday, August 21, 2008

RACE REPORT: Prairie City Fall Flash 1

Since it was the start of the fall season at Prairie City weeknight races, I dragged my lazy ass decided to go out and get in some practice for the upcoming fall races.

It was standard Fall Flash fare: smaller crowd (maybe 150 people and only 12 in my Sport class), shorter course (3.25 miles/lap) with a bit less climbing (300' per lap). All of which fit me fine, since I hadn't raced in a bit.

My race actually went really well. The course was fast but a bit technical (sandy with sharp turns) in a few places. I was able to stay with the lead group in class for the first lap, drifted a bit back over the next two laps (+1 and +2 minutes per lap for the second and third laps :( ). However, I felt relatively good and probably placed better than usual. The only downer was a fairly epic digger that I took, literally on the last UPHILL. Not quite sure what happened -- was out of the saddle peddling hard and the front tire must have washed out in a rut. Whatever if was, I was down in a flash and probably lost a spot of two in the standings.

Here is some pretty raw video that I shot after I had finished:

Results will probably be posted sometime Thursday night.

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