Monday, December 22, 2008

SSWC 2009 Registration Update

sswc2009spokecardpart2tux1.jpgIt looks like the folks behind next year's Singlespeed World Championship are going to try and avoid the controversy around last year's SSWC registration:
We have been looking through tons of old bmx plus mags, and now are feeling good about things. For those of you with spoke cards from Napa, listen up. We will be posting a reg form over to the right on December 28th. You will then print it, write on it and send it and your spoke card to our mailing address. You will get an entry if you send us your card. For all the others, you need to keep waiting. 

These are other things that are for sure so far; amazing insurance, beer, and 6 guys who are stoked.
Via Singlespeed World Championship 2009 website.

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