Monday, June 08, 2009

2009 CCCX DH #6 Results

aa-dh-6.jpgJimmy Amaral (Point One Racing) and Sharon Hill (Murray Renaissance) were the fastest overall Male & Female racers at Toro Park on Sunday. The race route featured a new addition of trail that was super technical to start. It then became a major challenge as the racing went on due to the trail becoming completely blown out. This left riders with no other option but to break check on some nasty sections of trail and cling to the cliff edge, or simply slide off the disintegrated trail and down a ravine into thick bush. There were also multiple jumps, steep drops, and soft patches of dirt that became so loose that many riders fell victim to crashes and finished the race covered in dirt. In the end it was Amaral and Hill who put out solid runs on the technical route and walked away with cash for fastest on the day.
  • Keith DeFiebre(GT Dirt Coalition/Calabazas) won the Single Speed division.
  • Brian Zimmerman(Oaklyn Records/Hank & Frank) won the Hardtail division.
  • Casey Kunselman of La Honda won the Clydesdale division.
  • Nick Barton(Supercede) won the No Chain division.
  • The fastest overall Junior was Max Rousch(Prime Designs/CCCX) of Monterey.

Top 5 fastest overall (all from Pro division)
1. Jimmy Amaral(Point One Racing) 3'13''.67
2. Ian Massey(Stone Racing/WTB) 3'14''.46
3. Nick Barton(Supecede) 3'16''.22
4. Allen Stoddard(Ride SFO Faction) 3'17''.70
5. John Hauer(Team X-Fusion/Intense) 3'17''.98

Top 5 fastest Women:
1. Sharon Hill (Murray Renaissance) 4.02''25
2. Amy Forward (Roaring Mouse Cycle) 4'07''.86
3. Kelsey Anderson (Loma Verde Mtn Bike Coalition) 4'09''.43
4. Anne Marie Hennes (Family Cycling Center) 4'14''.49
5. Kelly Moore (50/50 DH Race Team) 4'16''.01

Full results are available at

The 2009 CCCX DH Series final is scheduled for July 5 at Toro Park.

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Brian said...

Scott Seery won the hardtail division at CCCX this summer. Great Job Scott!
-Brian Zimmerman