Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sand Hill For Sale

Looks like the lone Bay Area gravity area is up for sale:
Yes, that is a For Sale sign out front. After 36 years Tom Anderson has decided to sell Sand Hill and move on. He is not interested in leasing the place to another MX company to run it. He does not want his kids to run it. He wants to sell it, pay his outstanding debts and move on.

This whole process will probably take many months to happen, so in the meantime it is Business as Usual for practice days. If you have been meaning to come out for a while but keep putting it off, now would be the time.

Bicycles: We probably will not re-open for regular practice, but we still plan on the annual Race 4 Tara benefit. If the Ranch is sold before October we have developed a Plan B at a different venue.
The Sand Hill website is at

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