Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2009 Folsom Rodeo Cross Series

A6B59F0F-DCF2-4B85-99FC-5648443CB109.jpgThe folks behind the ever popular Prairie City Race Series have introduced a new winter Cyclocross series for the Sacramento area:
Introducing the all NEW Folsom Rodeo Cross 2009 Series

The most fun you will have on your bike all week!

This is a brand new series being held at the Folsom Rodeo grounds. A challenging course has been laid out and anyone with a bicycle is welcome. So grab your cross bike... your mountain bike... or your neighbors bike. Come out and join in the fun at the all new Folsom Rodeo Cross.

Weekday NIGHT! Under the lights!!
Shorter course within the lighted arena area.

Weekend DAYS! Under the sun!
Includes all of the Weekday night course plus surrounding trails outside the rodeo grounds.
All the dates are on the sidebar or BICYCLINGEVENTS.COM.

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