Monday, December 21, 2009

Boggs V Dates

Help out the folks at BikeMonkey plan this year's Boggs V date:
What we’re struggling with right now is the date! We have two options, and rather than assume, we’d like to know what you all feel about them.

So if you’re a future Boggs V participant and you had your choice, on the table are:
  • April 3rd (Easter weekend) — our first choice
  • March 27th (NOT Easter weekend) — our second choice
Keep in mind that April 3rd is 1 week before the Napa Valley Dirt Classic. We don’t want to impose on such a long-standing event so we stayed away from April 10th out of respect for the race that gave me my first introduction and serious beat-down to mountain bike racing back in the day.
Via Boggs V « Bike Monkey Magazine

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