Saturday, December 12, 2009

CCCX DH #4 Preview

With all the rain over the last week or so, this could get muddy:
Recent rains will only make the race course better after a very dry year at Toro Park. The race will be taking place rain or shine with an excellent course planned for the proceedings. The course will feature portions of a new trail that was used for race #2 of the CCCX Series. The new trail features many aspects of DH and All Mountain trail riding. Many riders have contributed to the building of certain sections of this new trail. There were even work crews out this very week making new additions to the race route for Sunday's event. If it is moist a slippery from some rain on race day, the action will only be more EPIC! Hope to see you there! Please do not walk up the course backwards, and please have fun!
Via 2009 CCCX Downhill Race Series

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