Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010 CCCX XC #6 Results

Alex Work (Rock Lobster) set a blistering pace during CCCX XC Race #6 (The Father's Day Classic) on his way to dominating the proceedings in the Pro/Expert division this past Sunday in Monterey.  Work's time for 5 laps equaling 25 miles with 3335 feet of climbing was 1.40'22''.  Cesar Chavez ( posted the 2nd fastest time of the day at 1.40'35''.  Epicenter Cycling's Jordan Kestler just made it into the top 3 fastest riders on the day with a time of 1.44'09", barely edging Joselyn's Bicycle sponsored Alex Rousch who came in at 1.44'15".  Jamie Stamps (Another Bike Shop/Chain Gang Coach) was the top female racer on the day completing 5 laps in 2.04'40".  Congratulations also goes out to The Santa Cruz Chain Gang Race Team, who had 4 division winners overall, and to the Doug Chandler Performance Race Team, who had 3 division wins on the day!
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The CCCX Series final will take place this coming Sunday, June 27th at Ft. Ord.  Full CCCX Race info can be found at
Full Results Here:
Here is a list of all the division winners at the Father's Day Classic - CCCX XC #6
PRO/SEMI-PRO- Alex Work- HRS Rock Lobster
PRO/EXPERT WOMEN- Jamie Stamps- Another Bike Shop/Chain Gang Coach
EXPERT MEN 18 & under- Jacob Albrecht- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
EXPERT MEN 19-34- William Kemper- Cupertino
EXPERT MEN 35-44- Cesar Chavez-
EXPERT MEN 45-54- Courtney Grossman- VOS Racing
SPORT/JR MEN 18 & UNDER- Josh Krisman- Summit Bicycles
SPORT MEN 19-34- Jett Chandler- Doug Chandler Performance
SPORT MEN 35-44- Josh Dorris- Team norcal Bike spt
SPORT MEN 45-54- Michael Urbina- TeamWrongWay
SPORT MEN 55+- William Clevenger- Cupertino Bike Shop
CLYDESDALE- Alf Ebberoth- Seaside
SPORT SINGLE SPEED- Vincent Kurtis Brown- Bike Station Aptos
SPORT WOMEN 18 & under- Rainee Chandler- Doug Chandler Performance
SPORT WOMEN19-34- Carolyn Thompson- Velo Girls
SPORT WOMEN 45+- Janel Lodge- Blackmarket/Family Cycling
BEGINNING MEN 19-34- Ben Blakley- Pacific Grove
BEGINNER MEN 35-44- Cam Primavera- OTR/SCCC
BEGINNER MEN 45-54- Paul Robins- One Team Racing
BEGINNG MEN 55+- Jim Claflin- Chico
JR MEN 13 & under- Jacob Labosky- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
JR MEN 14-18- Chance Tiner- Santa Cruz Chain Gang
JR WOMEN 18 & under- Quincee Chandler- Doug Chandler Performance
BEGINNG WOMEN 19+- Michele Wilcox- SB Racing

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