Thursday, June 03, 2010

CCCX XC & DH Date Changes

Some changes for the CCCX events:

Due to scheduling conflicts with other XC & DH races held in NorCal, the CCCX Series will be making two date switches for the upcoming CCCX events:

  • The CCCX XC race which was scheduled for Sunday, June 13 in Ft. Ord, will now be switched to Sunday, June 20 (at the same location, Ft. Ord).
  • The CCCX DH race that was scheduled on Sunday, June 20 at Toro Park, will now take place on Sunday, June 13 at Toro Park.

These date switches will now enable the CCCX XC racers to take part in other races such as Napa's Skyline XC RaceLake Sonoma XC SeriesSouth Valley Endurance Series.   The CCCX DH racers will now be able to make the NORTHSTAR DH event which was re-shuffled to June 20.  The CCCX DH Series will also have a few dates added for 2010 later in the year, to make up for the canceled DH event earlier in the year, and to extend the DH Series for 2010.  Thank you! to all the racers who support the CCCX DH & XC Series!


Here are the upcoming CCCX Races-

All CCCX Race Info Can Be Found at

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