Wednesday, June 01, 2011

2011 Annadel XC Postponed

Wow, what a weird year for weather. Directly from the Bike Monkey:

Man o man, what a roller coaster. First, we fight tooth and nail to bring racing back to Annadel State Park after a 25 year hiatus. Then we get word from Sacramento that this same park is on the budgetary butcher block and will be part of a whole bank of select state-wide park closures starting in September. Then we get word from NOAA's Buzzkill Department that a freak storm is going to hit us, bringing over 2 inches of rain to a weekend that's so reliably dry, the local salmon wear sunscreen.

Since dropping hundreds of cyclists onto wet trails we fought so hard to access for this race probably isn't the best idea, we're rescheduling the race to June 25th. We weren't going to wait to be told what to do here; we know what's right and we're going with that. For those of you who welcome this news bringing you into the event, great. For those of you who don't, we're sincerely sorry. We're still in the cancellation window for hotel accommodations; give 'em a call and get straight with your return on June 25th while you're at it. If you need a refund, shoot us a note at We're running around juggling logistics, so give us some time on the response.

Figure that, while we're at it, we'll push out the start time from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Other than that, all the details still stand, especially the part about this race raising funds to keep this jewel of Northern California mountain biking open and accessible to everyone.

So the race is now June 25th. Will update the schedule tonight. Thanks to Curt for the heads up.

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