Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2011 Coolest 24 Hour Postponed To August

Another snow-related postponement ...

We really must watch what we wish for!  It seems that Mother Nature has set some rules this winter even man can not control. We now have the most water and snow in the High Sierra that we have had  since 1951 (60 years). Winter has really tried my forbearance this year, I had high hopes that the weather would have changed earlier and the snow would be melting faster but this is not the case. I checked the trails at Royal Gorge this weekend and with the snow amounts that are still there we have no choice but to move the Coolest 8 & 2 4hr race Against Cancer (501c) race date to August 27-28th.

Some of the areas at Royal Gorge still have 12 ft snow drifts and an average of 5ft on the trails.  I have lived, worked and raced in the Tahoe Sierras for most of my life and feel at this point the snow will not have melted by July 16-17th.  Even if the snow melted, we would have the problem standing water and mud, a lot of mosquitoes and the risk of doing damage to the trail.  Since the Coolest 8 & 24hr race is really about raising funds and awareness for the fight against cancer, along with having a great time with family and friends, we feel it is best change the date.

We hope that giving you over a months notice is enough time to make any changes to arrangements you may have made.  I know for some that this date change may not work and GBE, Inc is very sorry, but we honestly don’t have any other options.

Via Global Biorhythm Events. Thanks to Obie for the heads up.

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