Thursday, July 20, 2006


As an update to my earlier review of the Crank Brother's Candy SL pedals, here are some follow-on comments about their usage after three months:

First, the good. They are noticably lighter than my older Shimano 540s. They engage better, release better and don't need any adjustments. They've worn well. I haven't even got a chance to see how much better they shed mud. Quite simply, they were a drop in upgrade that took weight of my ride and work better.

The bad. I broke the stainless steel spring in the left pedal about two weeks after installing them. Okay, not broke, but "bent real bad." While I am hazy about exactly how I did this, I am pretty sure that I "curb checked" a large rock at about 25 MPH on the Dyke 8 trail. This isn't really a mark against the Candies, as I have beaten my SPDs up even worse (there is probably an element of user error also).
While accidents like this certainly happen, the real test is how the company supports you. And Crank Brothers came through like champs. After feeding them a completely ridiculous story, they asked me to ship them the pedals. In one week, UPS delivered my pedals with a new spring installed. All companies should be this easy to deal with.

Overall, the Candies have been very good pedals, but this story: Crank Brothers introduces new pedals (BIKEmagic Gear News) makes me think that I might be wanting a pair of mid-platforms when they arrive here in the U.S.

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