Friday, July 14, 2006

RACE REPORT: US MTB Nationals (Pro Men XC)

The Men's Pro cross country (XC) led off today with a suprise. After taking the lead in the second lap, Ryan Trebon (Kona) opening up a one minute plus gap on a chase group of four riders (Barry Wicks, Jeremiah Bishop, Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski and Adam Craig). While the chase group tried to close the gap with a valiant try on the fourth lap, Ryan held them off for a convincing win.

Barry Wicks jumped out of the chase group to make it a 1 - 2 sweep for Kona.

The final standings were:
  1. Ryan Trebon (Kona) 2:02:24
  2. Barry Wicks (Kona) 2:03:18
  3. Jeremiah Bishop (Trek) 2:03:53
  4. Jeremy Horgan-Kobels 2:05:14
  5. Adam Craig (Giant) 2:05:36
  6. Todd Wells (GT Bicycles) 2:07:57
Local favorites Aren Timmel finished 11th and Tim Olson came in 17th. The full results are available here and a good recap here.

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