Monday, July 31, 2006

RACE REPORT: 2006 Downieville Classic

Due to massive mechanical difficulties (broken swingarm retaining bolt), I wasn't able to race Downieville this weekend. Suprisingly, they held it anyway. Congratulations to the following Pro winners:
  • Jason Moeschler (All Mountain Men: XC + DH)
  • Rachel Lloyd (All Mountain Women: XC + DH)
  • Tim Olson (XC Men)
  • Katerina Nash (XC Women)
  • Rachel Lloyd (DH Women)
  • Mark Weir (DH Men)
Full results are here: XC, DH and All Mountain Pro.

So I don't have any firsthand accounts, but I'll post any links that I can find:
I'll continue to update this as I see more information.

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