Monday, September 18, 2006


The race results for CCCX DH #2 have been posted. It looks like Mark Wier (WTB) showed up and won the Pro/Semi-Pro with the only sub 5 minute time (4:57:46), best for the day. Other notable sub 05:20:00 times were: Organizer Keith DeFiebre won the hardtail category (5:17:83) / expert 35+ (5:09:29), Nicholas Barton in Expert Men 34- (5:18:87), Pro/SemiPro Curtis Beavers (5:03:98), Bill Roussel (05:17:36) and Jeff Kendall-Weed (5:19:06). Team WTB had an especially strong showing (Wier, Beavers, Roussel).

Here is a view of the course:

And the elevation map:

Pictures have been posted here. And Rick posted his race and podium photos.

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Anonymous said...

That course was seriously sweet! Oh sure my legs were hurting at the end, but it was so flowing and fast in most sections that it made up for the leg burn from the pedaling toward the finish.

I heard race #3 will be steeper in some sections and then race #4 will be a 1800 foot drop in 4.5 miles.