Saturday, September 09, 2006


The course for CCCX MTB Downhill #2 has been finalized:
The CCCX Race #2 is a 2 mile course that consists of 98% single track. This is a intense, tight, single-track course where fitness and trail riding consistency will play a factor in overall times. Most of the single-track is on a steady downhill grade, but not overly steep in any sections. There is lots of open, high speed sections, and there is also many super tight sections with tight turns and narrow trails. There are also a few water bars and water boards placed in the trail so keep alert! Be prepared to hop over, and drop off some wood boards in the trail that are there for erosion precautions. This 2 mile single track challenge is railing in some sections and slightly technical in others, and is a true test of DH skills and fitness.
The race will also be the "Northern California Single-Track DH Championship." Winners will receive a special award distinguishing them as NorCal champions in singletrack mountainbike DH racing. The rest of the info can be viewed over at CCCX DH website. If I can find a GPS track of the course, I'll post a map this week.


Anonymous said...

OH! this is too cool! 2 mile single track for the NorCal championship! Im sure there will be some pedaling sections, but I bet it is railing and fun riding like they said. Got to give it up to keith defiebre for putting this race on! Ill be there!

Steve O.

Anonymous said...

Im thinking a small travel bike will be best for this. Maybe a bike that is manuverable and not too heavy when the pedaling comes into play.......