Thursday, November 02, 2006


New update on this weekend's CCCX DH #4 race:
The Super "D" course is 4 miles long and it drops an amazing 1800 vertical feet. The top section is pure fire road with speeds reaching freeway limit. The trail gets very steep near the bottom of the upper portion so have your hands on the breaks! There is a tight turn waiting for you, leading to some more fire road sections. Then the trail joins the single-track route used in Race #2. This single-track continues for 2 miles toward the same finish as Race #2. This Super "D" time trial course is going to be a true test of strength and riding ability. The times will be considerably longer then any race in the series as will the hike to the start! Please allow 1 hour to make it to the start of your selected start time ... This 1800 foot plunge will test, fitness, skill, nerves, and strength. NorCal Champions will be crowned in all divisions and series points will be awarded to all finishers. This route starts at one of the highest points in Toro Park, the route is fun and challenging, and this is a chance to test yourself on one of the longest DH races in Northern California.
Good luck.

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