Saturday, December 30, 2006

Southridge Announces Winter SoCal Series

I don't usually stoop post many events from SoCal, since I was raised better than that it's such a long drive, but seeing as we have a drought of early winter racing, I thought I would mention this: Southridge U.S.A. has announced their winter 2007 MTB racing schedule:
  • Jan 13 & 14
  • Jan 27 & 28
  • Feb 10 & 11
  • Feb 24 & 25
  • Mar 10 & 11
  • Mar 24 & 25 (Finals)
The schedule calls for Saturday cross country (XC) and mountain cross (MTX or 4X) with downhill (DH) on Sunday. I believe that all of these are held at Southridge Park in Fontana, CA (NORBA #2 is held there). Course previews and results are usually hosted over at GeoLadders.

BTW I'm just kidding about the SoCal hate. Kinda.

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