Tuesday, May 02, 2006

ROADTRIP: NMBS #1 (aka Fontana)

In a continuing feature this week, I'm highlighting a few non NorCal MTB racing events.

This weekend marks the kickoff of the NORBA Mountain Biking Series (NMBS) with NMBS #1 (aka Fontana aka Southridge) in Fontana, CA (Eastern LA - SoCal) [ MAP ]. Sure, its a seven or eight hour haul from the NorCal but NMBS #1 is a full blown NORBA event with cross country (XC), short track (ST). downhill (DH), mountaincross (MTNX), Super D (SD) and marathon (MA) races. You can check out all the race information (although a little bit skimpy on the actual events) through here [ PDF ]. Since this is an urban event (being in the Valley), hotels and other accommodations will probably be a bit easier to come by than some of the more remote events.

Team Big Bear (the promoter for this event) has teamed with GeoLadders, a SoCal trail and racing website, to provide course maps. Unfortunately, they require a free registration before you can see the cool google course maps with trail pictures.

Online registration has already closed, but onsite registration is available (must register one hour before race). Registration varies from $35 - $70 and you will need a NORBA license.

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