Wednesday, February 07, 2007

2007 NorCal State Championships

It looks like the promoters of the Cal State Championship have realized that having one event in the NorCal and 10 events in SoCal doesn't really make for a good California State Championship, so this year they are splitting them up. From the Team BigBear site:
2007 marks a change in format. The state will be split in half with two separate series taking place. This year’s Southern California addition will feature 5 races with racers scoring points for their 4 best finishes. Note: you do not need to race all 5 races. All races will be scored on a 60 point system with each race being counted equally. There will not be any 1 ½ point races. Online registration will open Feb 1st.
While Team BigBear will continue to promote the SoCal edition (along with the NORBA series), Team BigFoot seems to be coordinating the Northern Series. Here are the events for the NorCal State MTB Championship Series:
This is very, very good. Not sure what the Humboldt Hoedown is, it appears to be new.

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