Saturday, February 17, 2007


I haven't seen the results or a race report yet Results have been posted for the first CCCX Downhill of the season. It looks like a big turnout -- I see over 150 riders listed. Some photos from today's race are posted at PhotoBucket. Thanks to Prettym1k3 for posting these.
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Rick has also posted some photos over at SmugMug.

The course seemed to be similar to a few of the past courses:
Congratulations to Evan Turpen who won the Pro / Semi-Pro race.


Anonymous said...

Actually this course has never been used before ever!

It was brand new, virgin track and it was really sweet!

the best DH NorCal has seen in years!

Hopefully they can use this course for race #3 or #4 or some other time?

scooderdude said...

Not so. This course was used in the Spring 2007 DH series. I'm guessing it waas used in the 2006 series, too, but I can't be certain, as I did not race but one of the 2006 series races. The only significant changes are how the tight chicane section is laid out. Otherwise, it's basically the same - fire road start, to high speed rollers, to twisty single track, to chicane section, to more twisty single track to flat, then to the sprint climb, to double track, and then single track to the finish.